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Homestead absentee-ballot case under investigation by Miami-Dade police, prosecutors

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Miami-Dade police and prosecutors are investigating as potential fraud the case of four absentee ballots a Homestead family says campaign workers filled out against their wishes, the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald have learned.

One of those workers, James Brady, is now a commission candidate in Florida City, which holds a municipal election next month.

Detectives from the police department’s public-corruption unit and prosecutors from the state attorney’s office have visited the Brockington household three times since October, Betty Brockington said, when Brady and an unidentified man knocked on her door and offered to help the family vote.

The men filled out the ballots out of the family’s sight and had three of four family members sign them without reviewing them, according to 54-year-old Betty Brockington. When they tried to get one of her nieces, 22-year-old Robkevia Scott, to do the same, she refused.

Scott took her ballot back and noticed the men had chosen the candidates the family had specifically said it opposed in the Nov. 5 election: mayoral candidate Mark Bell and council candidate Norman Hodge Jr.

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I've known James Brady for 5 years, he is a decent, honest,
and trustworthy young man who is incapable of doing
something sinister or unlawful. This story smells. James is a threat to the local democratic
establishment. He's articulate and conservative, a devout Christian, Republican to the core,
and he's also black. There's alot of corruption down there,
but Brady is not part of it.

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