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In Miami, Kathleen Sebelius sticks to message, touting retooled Obamacare website


After two previous visits to Miami since September, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius returned Friday in a third-time’s-the-charm effort to promote the Affordable Care Act.

Florida, with its significant number of Hispanics and the second highest rate of uninsured residents in the nation, has been a favorite backdrop for Sebelius to hammer home the Obama administration’s message of affordable healthcare for all.

On Friday, she touted the retooled federal online insurance exchange at healthcare.gov and highlighted individual success stories plucked from Miami-Dade, the county with the state’s greatest number of insured.

“We know the situation is serious here in Florida — 3.5 million uninsured residents, 581,000 here in the Miami area,’’ Sebelius said, “and there’s a lot of opportunity for people to take advantage of a new expanded plan.’’

Seated with three South Florida residents inside a roped-off wing of Miami-Dade’s Main Library, surrounded by TV cameras and reporters, Sebelius launched a living-room-style conversation about the consumers’ experience buying insurance on healthcare.gov.

“I hope you all will become part of the effort to spread the word,’’ she said.

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ed jenkins

As has been made clear multiple times the citizens and readers do not want any more of this lady and her propaganda on this despised law. Please go a couple hundred miles further south where communist propaganda is accepted and where the country has among the lowest standards of living in the world because of communist laws such as this.


When is she getting fired and indicted?

The Revealing

Who collects Affordable Health Care Act penalties? The IRS? Is it possible that The Affordable Health Care Act was never designed to be affordable? Is it possible that it was purposely designed by the Ruling Class to profit from the penalties they knew would be generated by employers who could not afford health care for their employees?
There is evidence that the Ruling Class own both the IRS and the Federal Reserve. There is also evidence they rob other accounts that are designed for institutions such as The pentagon, Social Security and other retirement investments and that most corporate insurance companies are owned by the Ruling Class, therefore, they win whether or not people sign up for Obama care. Their insurance corporations take in billions, but only pay out millions. Is Obama Care just another revenue stream for them? http://www.focusonrecovery.net

Gloria H. Waldron

Kathleen Sebelius, I am so proud of you. You are doing a fabulous job, much ingratitude because most do not acknowledge the magnitude of the job that you graciously took. The silent majority is very grateful. Continue to Be Strong.

Gloria H. Waldron

1. Why did (5) five Presidents try to give the American Health Care?
2. Why didn't they (each) succeed?
Why do the people who made us lose 24 billion dollars by closing the government make such an issue about the $600 million spent of the Health Care web site.
How much of our national debt is war based.
PS: I wish there would be something like this for the promises husbands made to us when they wed.
Kathleen: Adam blamed God for giving him the woman who caused him to sin so again THANK YOU.

ed jenkins

As we have seen there are some unintelligent and lazy people who think it is appropriate to confiscate the assets of their neighbors to pay for basic expenses of them which is the responsibility of the individual who incurs those expenses such as medical expenses in this case. It would save the time of the citizens of these people would learn about our free market system and if they are not satisfied with that system move to countries with the lowest standards of living that do have such confiscatory policies and large levels of unemployment as high numbers of lazy individuals do not need to work because everything is provided for them.

There will always be some individuals who because of misfortune are stuck with bills far beyond their means or who are unable to work for health or age reasons and the generous citizens provide charity for those people. However misfortune does not include having spent beyond ones means for extravagant meals, luxury autos or high price homes, for these people have the ability to pay their bills if they simply budget properly.

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