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Jameis Winston's Dad knew son was not guilty 'because I raised him'

By Joseph Goodman

HUEYTOWN, Ala -- . A tired man in a well-driven Mitsubishi Montero pulled into the front yard of his Alabama home on Thursday at exactly the same time that his son’s attorney was stepping in front of microphones hundreds of miles away in Tallahassee.

Inside the house, the family pit bull recognized the sound of the engine and Ice’s bark turned from defensive to excited. Antonor Winston put the vehicle in park, looked up at his front porch and shook his head in disbelief. He waved to a neighbor, ended a conversation on his cell phone and walked up the three steps leading to his front door.

“If I hadn’t talked to you yesterday, and you just came over here without me knowing you, this would have been a bad day for you,” he said to a reporter, half laughing and half serious and completely exhausted. “I’m offended that you’re here. Come on in and make yourself at home.” Miami Herald story here.