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Lawmaker: Citizens $1 million attorney is 'insider government giveaway'

Troubled Citizens Property Insurance is proposing to spend more than $1 million annually on an attorney who, according to the job description, wouldn't spend much time in a courtroom.

On Friday, the Citizens Board of Governors will decide whether to have West Palm Beach attorney Scott Link oversee all claims litigation and manage the law firms that contract with with the insurance company.

Link's hourly fee is $525 -- and is expected to add up to $1.05 million annually.

Critics say that's an outrageous expense for an entity already besieged by allegations of excessive executive spending. They also note that Link once worked with Tom Grady, a former interim Citizens chief and close ally of Gov. Rick Scott.

"This is another insider government giveaway," said state Rep. Frank Artiles, R-Miami. "Citizens is subsidizing its friends and family using policy-holders' money."

Neither Link nor Grady not returned calls seeking comment.

Citizens spokesman Michael Peltier said politics did not factor into the recommendation.

"This contract was competitively bid," Peltier said. "The evaluators were folks within Citizens who are on the ground, trying these cases and paying these claims."

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ed jenkins

This is not acceptable, people working for the taxpayers should not be permitted such hourly wages. Please reduce this amount to $20 per hour at most.

tony smith

What about Scott?


The GOP in Tallahassee is continuing its all out assault on Citizens policyholders. They are denying claims, forcing policy holders to litigate them in order to get them paid. Using policyholders premiums to hire high priced friends & lawyers to work against the policyholders. Giving away Citizens reserves paid in by policyholders to undercapitalized, startup insurance companies formed by GOP contributors. Forcing Citizens policyholders onto undercapitalized, startup insurance companies that will fold at the first hurricane. Backdoor premium increases like cutting out coverage for patio screening enclosures. Cutting mitigation credits by doing fraudulent home inspections. This is operating like an organized crime syndicate and there's nobody doing anything about it.

Can't take anymore

Pablo, in case you haven't noticed the biggest organized crime syndicate in Florida is the Republican Party. After 20 years of total control of government at every level they feel virtually no obligation to the welfare of the citizens of this state. Only their friends and campaign donors stand to gain from their strangle hold on power. Sadly, the suckers will likely vote them back into their safely gerrymandered districts for at least another 20 years.

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