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Marco Rubio hits back at "trial lawyer" Charlie Crist over Obamacare note


It's feelin' a little 2010 around here.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist needled the man who beat him three years ago in the U.S. Senate race over Marco Rubio's partipation in Obamacare.

Rubio's office is hitting back at Crist (now running for governor), pointing out in a statement from spokesman Alex Conant that the senator has to sign up:

“As a trial lawyer, Charlie Crist should know the difference between following the law and endorsing it. Maybe this will help: the country is now deeper in debt because of the laws Charlie Crist endorsed, while millions of Floridians are paying more in taxes because they're following the laws Charlie Crist signed as Governor.”


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Mr. Lorin A. Weiss

I'm not concerned with the laws that Charlie Crist signed, I am more concerned about Marco Rubio stunt when he supported the government shutdown, and the disaster coming from Tallahassee by Rick Scott. These two clowns don't belong in any position of authority. The support the redistricting of districts so that a minority of republicans subvert the huge democrat majority in both Miani-Dade, and Broward counties. It time to for the Florida Supreme Court to order the redistricting by the courts themselves for true justice.

ed jenkins

As we are now witnessing the beginning of the end of this buffoon Crist's campaign we Democrat primary voters should demand a credible candidate enter the race which could be the Nancy lady that is already in the race but she needs to be given more attention.

This Crist is now attacking our state's favorite senator whom he lost to by more than 20% displaying that the buffoon Crist has begun his campaign implosion at around the same time in the campaign that he did in 2010. The Herald should begin to ignore this fool's daily embarrassing pronouncements and focus on the candidates that are serious and can win a general election. The moron Crist now thinks that Floridians agree with the most horrible insurance of medical expenses law passed just because they are required to follow it under force of law when they previously were quite happy with the arrangements they could freely make with the private insurance company of their choice.


Give em hell Charlie!

Indie Thinker

if Rubio was just wanting to follow the law, why didn't he just refuse to join, and pay the IRS penalty, instead of signing up for a health plan?


@Mr.Lorin A. Weiss
Unemployment was at over 11% when Scott took office. Now its under 7%.
He has been a fantastic Governor, uh, what has he done wrong?

Indie Thinker

Um, most of that drop in the unemployment rate has been due to frustrated people leaving the workforce because they can't find jobs. It's also in parallel with the national rate going down at the same time. FL's long term unemployment is a serious problem. Make sure you read the Miami Herald report showing that 96% of the jobs Scott tried to pull here with tax incentives still have not materialized.

tony smith

The only reason this creep is in office is due to Meeks. He didn't even win a majority of the state. He's toast.

tony smith

Repubtallygirl - if you would grow up and stop being such a "girl," you would realize all of the negative things this pea-brained governor has done. First, the unemployment rate had nothing to do with any of his policies. Instead, this is due to national and global regulatory responses to the financial crisis -- things that the Tea Party wing opposed. Also, Gov. Nutcase has flip-flopped on Obamacare. He opposed the entire thing; then he supported the Medicaid expansion; now he's speaking against the Medicaid expansion; and his party is seeking Medicaid money through the backdoor. Meanwhile, more Floridians have signed up for Obamacare than people in any other state.

If you think this nutcase deserves reelection, then you are dumber than your screen name suggests!

ed jenkins

We now see that the citizens are tiring of the scumbag Crist and his campaign antics as his campaign begins to implode hopefully in enough time to have a real democrat emerge to win the primary. If not the messages confirm private messages I have received from readers and the citizens feelings that Scott while he was a political novice has demonstrated exceptional fiscal stewardship of our state. His efforts to attract business take time since businesses take time to make major investments and need to be sure that scumbags like Crist won't be around allowing them to count on a friendly business environment in the state which Scott has ensured in his short time. But even the Tallygirl has noticed the strong improvement in employment from the disaster Crist left and other commenters appear to want the scumbag Crist to go to hell for the mess he left the state in.


you know the partisans can say what they say but the truth is charlie Crist was for Charlie Crist not the state of Florida. Here and the state of Florida in the ground he used BP money that was meant to help the state advertise it was still open for business and its beaches were not damagedbut instead he used it for on accountable whimsical trips to Vegas with Jim Greer whom all of Florida found out later was more then a buddy relationshipthen after Charlie Crist was thrown out of the GOP for weather stealing party funds for his homosexual trists which would just be Charlie's business but he's doing it on state time with GOP money and then he lied about it some of that money was probably used to go to New York to hang out with his new babe, home later he married and then refuse to pay child support to her ex husband see court case:later power hungry charlie Crist came back and was slaughtered In the Marco Rubio race for Senate the voters have had enough of him he did not win the primary then he lost the election. Now he's running is Charlie for the people really you believe that now he's all gay and all for the poor and all for jobs and all for gay marriage. And all for trains that go to Disneyland and want to take Medicaid funding from the government our money and then Florida has to pay for it after 3 years there's no way we can afford that. Democrats progressives liberals communists socialist they're all the same thing and they all have no brains concerning finances. They will run you into the ground then blame you for it and then they will have a solution which takes total control of your lives your fortunes and your futures. Vote Democrat and continue to destroy your country you and only you will be responsible quit believing their lies they have Lied and lied and lied.if you vote for them you deserve the destruction all the destruction that they give you.

ed jenkins

The continued expressions of readers of their disgust for Florida's most despised former governor should be reason enough for the democrat party to remove this man from our ballot and find a replacement that can be tolerated. Otherwise democrat primary voters will join the republican and independent party voters who have already rejected the scumbag crist.

Indie Thinker

It's a contest between ed and Ralph to see who can say the least of substance using the most words.

So Ed, how do you explain that most of the lowering rate is due to frustrated people leaving the workforce?

People who support Rick Scott have to live in a land of fantasy where they ignore facts.


Hey Ed!!! You are part of the democratic party as much as I am Santa.

For all the other buffoons who want to discuss unemployment in Florida, it sounds like Obummer fixed the economy and has absolutely nothing to do with Scott. Yet rick Scott wants to take credit for DC's work in legislating.


Marquito Rubio is a lawyer. So people are stupid to agree with Marquito over this statement. Same thing goes with Romney voters agreeing with him when he ditched on Obummer over Harvard when the Mormon-cult member held a degree from Harvard as well.

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