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Marco Rubio, Miami-Dade Republicans raise $ for Tom Cotton at Versailles


131216_CottonRubio_2_Florida Sen. Marco Rubio isn't just advertising for the Republican Party's newest rising star, U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton, he's raising money for him as well at a Versailles Restaurant fundraiser Monday. Suggested contributions range from $500-$5,200.

Rubio is hosting the fundraiser for the Arkansas Senate candidate along with Republican lawyer John Couriel. The Miami-Dade Republican Party is on board and sent out the invite with this email:

Please join U.S. Senator MARCO RUBIO and Congressman TOM COTTON...

The United States Senate hangs in the balance as Democrats cling to power with a narrow majority. That majority has allowed them to ram through some terrible policies and, most recently, they invoked a nuclear option, removing the ability of the minority to filibuster ultra left-wing nominees; a right that they once fought hard to maintain!

There is hope…FIRE HARRY REID! If Republicans can take back the Senate, we can take back America and begin to fix the disaster that Pelosi, Reid, Obama and people like Joe Garcia have created.

Friends, please see the below invitation to a fundraiser for CONGRESSMAN TOM COTTON, a true American hero and veteran who is running against a very vulnerable democrat in Arkansas. Tom's military decorations include the Bronze Star Medal, Ranger Tab, Combat Infantryman Badge, Parachutist Badge, Air Assault Badge, Afghanistan Campaign Medal and Iraq Campaign Medal.

Please join me at this event for this American hero and future U.S. Senator along with our own U.S. Senator, MARCO RUBIO.


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Tally Folly

Isn't that the same Tom Cotton who opposes immigration reform?
That will go over well in Miami.
Rubio propagating immigrant haters now, nice.


Great news for Senator Rubio to support a fellow Tea Party member as using the Republican name. Texas Senator Cruz was right in making sure Tea Party members are replacing Republicans. Rubio even announced he signed up for Obamacare as it is great saving for his family. He is still campaigning against it. Senator Paul Ryan also signed up and suggest his Mom in Florida sign up for the great saving but he did suggest she not talk about it.

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