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Meet John Morgan, the bombastic lawyer fueling Florida's 2014 election


ORLANDO -- You’d think after making thousands of “For the People” TV ads for his law firm, John Morgan would be more than comfortable before the camera.

But as he looked at his cherubic baby face on the TV monitor recently, Morgan groaned. “Laawd,” he said in his deep Kentucky drawl, “high def is a mother f-----.”

Insecurity runs deep, even for a bombastic multimillionaire who leads the country’s largest personal injury law firm, has hosted President Barack Obama at his 18,000-square-foot mansion and is poised to be the most important man in Florida politics this election cycle other than Charlie Crist and Rick Scott.

Morgan, 57, is leading a high-profile ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Florida for medical use and he’s a key adviser to former Republican Gov. Crist’s unprecedented campaign to win back the Governor’s Mansion as a Democrat.

Some wealthy middle-aged businessmen bag trophy wives; Morgan goes for trophy lawyers, and Crist is the biggest trophy and best rainmaker at Morgan & Morgan.

“I’ll definitely lose a lot of money if he becomes governor,” said Morgan, describing Crist as a magnet for lucrative cases — from BP oil, to sinkholes, to a pollution case where damages could approach $100 million. “People call all day long to talk to Charlie. The guy walks down any aisle of Publix and passes out five business cards. Those people call.”

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ed jenkins

Floridians are disgusted to have this man operating in their state bankrupting companies and using the legal system to steal money from others to pay for his lavish lifestyle. The citizens of Florida are outraged that this man drives up insurance cost, product costs and causes their community to lose jobs yet he has not been prosecuted for the destruction he has caused. This man wants to inflict even more damage on our state by supporting the scumbag Crist who left us in such dire financial straits once already as he only pursed goals that advanced his career at the expense of constituents. Morgan as the drug dealer trying to undermine our drug laws need to be prosecuted on drug charges.

james pell

Yeah these guys are horrible all while scott inocently helps pharma create hey super pill pipeline out of Florida And turns our citizens in the mindless zombies strong out on oxycodone rick Scott is a pill pusher and he's the one that should be prosecuted support medical marijuana shut down the pill mills

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