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Obama launches defense of healthcare law critics


With repairs to the Health Insurance Marketplace at healthcare.gov beginning to show promise, President Barack Obama on Tuesday attempted to change the narrative of the faulty federal online exchange and to push back against Republican opposition, with a defiant vow to make the Affordable Care Act — and its centerpiece online exchange — work even if it takes the rest of his term.

As Obama launched a new campaign to highlight the health law — with plans to emphasize a different benefit each day — he accused Republicans of being interested only in repeal without offering an alternative plan.

“My main message today is, ‘We’re not going back,’” Obama said in an afternoon address at the White House. “That seems to be the only alternative that Obamacare’s critics have.

“You’ve got good ideas? Bring ’em to me,” he said. “But we’re not repealing it as long as I’m president.”

Republican opponents of the law say the website troubles are a symptom of bigger problems.

“The American people have been learning about the impact Obamacare will have on individuals and families in the form of higher premiums, disrupted insurance and lost jobs,” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday. “And they’re becoming increasingly aware of the fact Obamacare is broken beyond repair.”

The only fix, he said, is “full repeal followed by step-by-step, patient-centered reforms that drive down costs.”

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With repairs to the Health Insurance Marketplace at healthcare.gov beginning to show promise

But you still cannot make payments, and chances are the insurance company you select has a high probability that the information they receive on you being incorrect, if they receive it at all...

If that is "beginning to show promise" don't expect to receive any health CARE associated with your health INSURANCE.


As usual, Papa Obama knows what's best for us. This will not work and cannot sustain itself and will be more of a failure come next year. Can impeachment articles be coming please??


"step-by-step, patient-centered reforms that drive down costs.”

What that really means is "Don't get sick. If you do get sick, die quickly."


George... keep spewing the talking points...

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