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PolitiFact looks at Charlie Crist's solar energy claim

In his election bid, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist is making an issue of renewable energy. He touted alternative energy as a way to attract new industries and new jobs to Florida on the Nov. 18, 2013, edition of MSNBC’sThe Ed Show.

"We’re the Sunshine State, and we’re hardly doing any solar energy production," Crist told host Ed Schultz. "We should be the global leader in solar energy."

Crist later told PolitiFact that Florida Power & Light has a "pretty significant solar field," but added that "we can be doing so much more, in my humble opinion. ... My understanding is that many other states encourage the use of solar energy much more than Florida" does.

PolitiFact looks at Crist’s claim to see if he's right about Florida's solar energy production. 




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ed jenkins

The citizens of Florida wish this buffoon remove himself from the governor race so that they can have serious candidates instead of him making a fool of himself with nonsensical topics such as this. This fool Crist already put our state in a perilous position on energy with us being up to 70% dependent on natural gas (according to recent contacts with FPL employees) known to spike considerably with hurricanes in the gulf. The last thing the citizens want is this hated former governor messing with their energy sources again and this time pushing the use of extremely uneconomical, costly and unreliable solar power which other states and countries are abandoning after seeing the costs while companies in the industries go out of business due to the terrible economics.

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