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Rick Scott poll: Governor trailing Charlie Crist by 4


Politico got its hands on an internal poll from Gov. Rick Scott's campaign that showed he trails former Gov. Charlie Crist 49-45 percent.

But didn't Quinnipiac University just find Crist ahead by 7, so isn't Scott narrowing the gap?

Well, we don't know. These are two different polls with two different respondent types.

Quinnipiac polled registered voters. Fabrizio Mclaughlin, which polls for the governor, surveyed likely voters (whether they're self-identified voters or voters called from a likely voter list is unclear). Likely voter polls will tend to lean more Republican because Republican voters often proportionally outperform Democrats when it comes election time.

Also, it should be noted that the poll was taken at the most-favorable time for a Republican this year: late November, at the height (or depths?) of President Obama's unpopularity and Democratic woes.

More from Politico:

Scott’s job approval rating is 46 percent, with 48 percent disapproving. Crist has a mixed, albeit slightly positive image: 47 percent view him favorably, compared to 43 percent who view him unfavorably.

The incumbent governor has the advantage on six: controlling state spending (+14), reducing taxes (+12), balancing the state budget (+9), turning Florida’s economy around (+5), standing up to Tallahassee insiders (+3) and creating jobs (+2). Crist has a single-digit advantage on four measures: cares about people like me (+8), is the most honest and ethical (+4), “someone I trust to be governor” (+3) and “shares my beliefs and values” (+2).


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ed jenkins

The readers demand more from our hometown newspaper than just reporting surveys of extremely small amounts of people which have proven highly unreliable and instead they want to be informed of news or there will no longer be a purpose for this hometown paper. The reporters at this paper have shown signs of laziness such as printing articles on the same subject 8 to 10 times and now just rewording someone else's press release on a non-news item into their own article.

As we have seen in these article commentary boards and through private messages sent to this democrat primary voter as well as public support in general the public which initially doubted Scott, a political novice has now been won over by his strong fiscal stewardship turning the massive deficit left by Crist into a large surplus allowing for the citizens to get nice sized refunds of their overpaid taxes back.

tony smith

They underestimated Democratic "likely" voters in Florida the last 2 rounds.

Ed Jenkins: put a cork in it. You babble on and on about the same stuff everyday. Find a hobby!

Indie Thinker

Does Ed Jenkins have a job? And what world does he live in?

He sure does fall for a lot of Scott myths, like that "massive deficit left by Crist" routine. That was debunked by Politifact long ago; "Rick Scott says debt was up $5.2B under Charlie Crist, down $2B under Scott".

And what refunds is he talking about? The $25 car tag refund which Scott took three years to get to? I haven't seen a refund from Scott yet.

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