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The conservative Shark Tank feasts on Gov. Rick Scott's "unforced error" chief of staff


Bad day for Adam Hollingsworth, Gov. Rick Scott's chief of staff.

The conservative Sunshine State News today ran an unflattering piece about Hollingsworth obstructing a Hispanic lieutenant governor pick, Miami-Dade Property Appraiser Carlos Lopez-Cantera. And now the conservative Shark Tank Blog is weighing in with so much more with a piece titled "Rick Scott’s Unforced Error: Adam Hollingsworth."

As noted earlier today, when the conservative press starts weighing in, Republicans start paying more attention. it also indicates that their coverage reflects what grassroots Republican activists and consultants are saying. So the Hollingsworth stories, from his apparent back-stabbing to his admitted lying, can't be dismissed as some liberal media myth.

It's real. And, in The Shark Tank's words, it's "disturbing." Here's a snippet:

Another disturbing allegation being made by Tallahassee political insiders, is that because Hollingsworth’s influence is so vast, he is trying neuter RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry. 

How can Hollingsworth neuter Curry?

The office of the Governor is said to be taking a more “active” role in the messaging that is coming out of the RPOF, and has put in place “minders,” who are using Gestapo-style tactics to eaves drop on conversations of those within the hierarchy of the State Republican Party and the Governor’s office....

If Hollingsworth were a real friend to Governor Scott, wouldn’t a true friend step aside, and spare his boss/friend all of these bad headlines and stories that stem form his poor decisions.

Full piece is here


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It is Rick Scott who will step aside come Nov/2014.


The Shark Tank is not conservative. It is a protection racket where candidates who do not advertise on the website are the subjects of unflattering articles with unnamed sources. Shame on the Herald for giving credence to this sham.

ed jenkins

This once great hometown paper is continuing its horrible practice of repeating articles multiple times which is a key indication of too many reporters employed there. The readers would like to see all reporters reprinting stories be removed or they question the price of their subscription.

tony smith

Neuter? LOL

John A.

Adam Hollingsworth is a nothing hack who along with his partner in crime Melissa Sellers has taken over the Governor. If Scott cannot see this he deserves exactly what he gets.

Hollingsworth got rid of Carroll not because she did something wrong but because he could not control her. He can and does control Scott.

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