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TMZ features creepshot of Rep. Joe Garcia beaching it with thong lady


ThongMiami Congressman Joe Garcia is officially a celebrity, it appears.

The freshman Democrat got a little attention from celebrity gossip website TMZ after it obtained a creepshot pic of the Democrat hanging at the beach with what appears to be a thong-wearing girlfriend.

For a website that sometimes exposes the shocking, it's tough to see the surprise here. Garcia is single. Thongs are pretty common on Miami Beach, etc.

"Congressman Joe Garcia from Florida, out on the beach, with his chick who is wearing a thong bikini as they're walking down," says one TMZer in the video linked here. "He is shirtless, got his floppy hat on, walkin' down the beach."

Scandal! A shirtless guy with a hat on a beach with his thong-wearing girlfriend!

Oh well. It was a slow news week. TMZ blogs, we blog about it. And then we move on....


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ed jenkins

The citizens of this district are tired of hearing about this scandal plagued politician whose campaign has already admitted to its illegal activities and they are waiting on him to resign. Then they will not longer have to hear about his appearances in public with woman who wear provocative bathing suits.


OUR Congressman's wife's buns from district 26 .. Oh Boy. First we have Anthony Weiner in NY and now we have white buns in Miami... LOL


For me a scandal is a politician to spend taxpayers money with illegal activities. A neat man and a wife wearing a jack onassis style dress who steal taxpayers are way much worse than that thong at beach. Rep. Garcia should avoid illegal things rather than getting a sunburnt at Miami Beach on a sunny day.


Nice journalism Miami Herald! And this you put under the Headline "Politics". Really??

Robert R

Slow news day.

George Azze

SO WHAT? What is the fuss about?

Roger Madan

The thong is fine but the dude needs to put a shirt on!!!

John Switch

I'll hit that. Good for Joe.


I dont like Joe Garcia, but this is stupid. It's harmless, yess she needs a tan.

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