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To pressure House GOP leaders, Rep. Joe Garcia joins fast for immigration reform


Republican leaders of the U.S. House have stalled taking up an immigration reform bill this year, and Democrats are making sure to keep the pressure on by holding a series of member-to-member fasts.

From a press release:

This morning, Rep. Joe Garcia (FL-26), joined a group of advocates fasting as part of the “Fast 4 Families: A Call for Immigration Reform and Citizenship” movement.

Rep. Juan Vargas (CA-51) passed his fast on to Rep. Garcia in a brief ceremony in Rep. Garcia’s office.  Rep. Vargas received the immigration reform fast from Rep. Joe Kennedy III (MA-4), yesterday.

“I am honored to participate in this symbolic event dedicated to the millions of people fighting for comprehensive immigration reform as they seek to keep their families together,” said Rep.  Joe Garcia.


“Fast for Families: A Call for Immigration Reform and Citizenship,” was launched by faith, immigrant rights and labor leaders to urge Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Members of Congress, who have been calling on Speaker Boehner to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform, will be passing their fast from one Member to another to express their support for the fasters.

“It is an honor to be passing my fast to Rep. Joe Garcia,” said Rep. Vargas. “We must continue to stand together to fix an immigration system that creates second-class citizens and stunts the progress of our immigrant community. The need for immigration reform cannot be ignored.”

Rep. Garcia will pass the fast on to Rep. Mark Takano (CA-41) via a virtual exchange on Twitter at 11:00 AM EST, 8:00 AM PST, tomorrow, December 6, 2013.

Garcia's Twitter handle: @RepJoeGarcia Takano's: @RepMarkTakano.


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ed jenkins

This horrible person continues do defy citizen requests that he stop putting them through this awful experience and resign for the fraud and illegal activities committed which have already seen his employees plead guilt for the crimes. Please do not publish any more attempts by this crook to distract from his legal issues.


After his belly was outed by TMZ this week,
a year long fast wouldn't be enough.



Here are a few immigration issues that need to be resolved--FAST, before any new policies are designed in Congress. 1. Build the two layer fence the 700 miles promised by former President Bush administration. 2. Demand from Washington a mandatory federal biometric ID card, containing a fingerprint, iris scans that when implemented no other person can use. The E-Verify system has limited safety concerns, and quite easy to circumvent. If a biometric Social Security ID card is adopted, it strengthens American workers in being hired, stopping foreign nationals stealing American jobs; can additionally be used to vote, so non-citizens cannot commit a felony in fraudulently voting; lastly but not all--a security measure to stop credit fraud, that is now unbridled. 3. Instead of easy access through borders or arriving by plane the ENTRY/EXIT program, with those who intentionally avoiding the law; be punished as a felony and not the slap on the wrist as a civil misdemeanor offense. The way these laws have been administered is for politicians to manipulate the “Rule of Law” so THE PEOPLE assume the laws are severe, but in actual fact ascertained a full wide open loopholes, so millions of foreigners can pour through for the benefit of business concerns, agriculture and special interests. 4. The high court of the land must be confronted with the Birthright Citizenship Act, to cease illegal alien children claiming instant citizenship; a law written solely for the descendants of slaves to gain their rightful citizenship.

Annually hundreds of billions of dollars are siphoned off by suspect lawmakers, who have done nothing to halt this abuse, while many of our own exist in poverty. Sen.Harry Reid of Nevada leading the pack, along with Pelosi, Holder and President Obama’s elected official selling the hurting American worker and charging us headlong into a Socialist dominated wasteland. He and the Lib-Democratic editorial press are pandering to the waves of illegal aliens still slinking into nation of laws. Call it what it is? Policies written by politicians whose main objective are stealing from taxpayers to support the illegal invasion and lowering wages for the middle and lower manual worker. The Senate bill will add another 30 million, while enforcement services like ICE still has to detain the truly unknown numbers already here. Census population figures of foreign nationals cannot have any credence, as unknown numbers of illegal aliens hid from government counters. Read more on this mind numbing subject through the grass-root eyes, such as the national and regional TEA PARTY (not the general Republican Party); Numbersusa concerned with overpopulation; the Watchdog group investigating corruption, as does Judicial Watch, a legal team using the law, in digging deep to uncover the criminal enterprises at state and federal levels. JOIN THE FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL OR LOSE AMERICA TO CHEAP LABOR.

USA Patriot Citizen-2999.

Stop Deportations, "build USA-Revenues, by Stopping Deportations on the USA-Economical-Revenue-Adding Workers, in the USA, with USA-Identifications even after 8-10 years of Exploitations, in the USA".

USA-Constitutional Policy : "USA need to legalize the Over-USED, 11-millions of the Foreign-born-Workers in the USA, (who are in the USA, or more than the 8-10 years, working for less, for the betterment of the USA-National-Economical-Revenue-Growths, in the USA, for the USA-Citizens)"!!!

USA Patriot Citizen-2999.

Stop Deportations, "Build the USA-Economical-Revenues, by Stopping Deportations on the USA-Economical-Revenue-Adding Workers, in the USA, who are without any USA-Identifications even after 8-10 years of Exploitations, in the USA, even after their 8-10 years' of Services, on behalf of the USA-National-Economical-Growth-Functioning".

The USA-Constitutional Policy : "USA needs to legalize the Over-USED/Exploited-population of Workers,(the already punished productive Workers of the 11-millions of the Foreign-born-Workers in the USA, (who are in the USA, for more than the last 8-10 years, continuously working for less, for the betterment of the USA-National-Economical-Revenue-Growths, in the USA, to do betterments, indirectly, for the USA-Citizens, in millions & millions)"!!!
If the 11-millions of the Workers get Legalized(with Penalty, Back-Taxes, New Taxes, etc.), then, "it would honestly & obviously create more & more New New GOOD QUALITY SUPERIOR USA-Jobs,WITHIN THE USA, for the millions of the US-Citizens, in the USA, permanently", as the USA-Immigration-Legalization-Program, on it's success, would induce & bring, more & moe Investors & Investments, within the US-National-Domestic-Areas, which would create more & more jobs, for the millions of the US-Citizens, in near future, permanently.

Legalization-(Immigration): It would empower the USA, "to reduce Import-Volume of the USA, (and, to increase the USA-Export & Job-Volumes, along with the increase in the USA-IRS-Economical-Revenue-Volumes)"!!!

Then "Why few Republican Party Officers, are working against the USA-Senate-Immigration-Legislation-Program-2013?", unless, "they are the secret & covered, US-Traitors/Economical-Terrorists-Against-The-USA"!!!
Why Mr. Obama is not Leading/Working, as successfully, enough, against these "USA-Traitors-(who are trying to stop the US-Senate-Immigration-Economical-Reform-Bill-2013"???

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2013/12/to-pressure-house-gop-leaders-rep-joe-garcia-joins-fast-for-immigration-reform.html#storylink=cpy


We must fight Democrats who want to flood this country with millions upon millions of illegal Hispanics with expanded government benefits at the expense of taxpayers. We have got to stop this invasion and rid ourselves of the parasites.

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