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What about Will Weatherford for LG?

Will weatherfordSo the governor's office has released a shortlist of four names for lieutenant governor, two people instantly declined and, while speculation is heavy that the favorite is state Sen. Tom Lee, R-Brandon, it still looks like a bit of a long-shot.
What about a fifth name that's the real candidate: House Speaker Will Weatherford?
The talk supporting Weatherford is worth considering: He's young, telegenic, was featured as a rising star by the American Conservative Union, and is the son-in-law of one of Florida's most-respected Republicans, former House Speaker Alan Bense. Plus, he's a favorite son of the Tampa Bay home country of Gov. Rick Scott's likely challenger, Charlie Crist, and he won't be running for anything after his term expires in November. 
There is one problem: adding Weatherford to the ticket anytime before the legislative session ends in May would not work too well on so many levels, including the constitutional separation of powers doctrine.  So, consider this: speculation continues about Lee and maybe even a new short list throughout the spring. Finally, with the legislative session tightly wrapped up, the governor makes his pick. Weatherford and Scott become the ticket. Boom. Momentum. 


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tony smith

If only people voted for LG. Why would he want to be Scott's LG? Why would he risk running. Imagine: your last political move was as second man on a losing gubernatorial ticket with a loser governor. How far downhill can you go?

ed jenkins

As has been stated before by many readers and in private messages to this democrat primary voter the public is pleased with the terrific job Scott has done digging the state out of the financial hole left by the scumbag Crist. The citizens and readers will be happy with whoever is chosen by this governor who has won them over from the initial doubts of a political novice.

tony smith

Ed - shut up!

Can't take anymore

Little Willie Weatherford's ambition is to be Governor or Senator, not some after thought LG to a bozo who is almost certain to be defeated for re-election. Now that Marco Rubio's political future has dimmed greatly there is a need for a new Tea Bagger hero to arise from the Florida Legislature and journey into national politics. Willie clearly sees himself as that guy.

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