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A short tortured life, and a history of repeated abuse for dead boy

On his mother’s Facebook page, Ghanson Debrosse is the picture of a healthy, carefree boy, grinning broadly, his hands shoved jauntily into the pockets of his baggy jeans.

But behind the brilliant smile was a life of torment and pain.

According to police, Ghanson was burned by his mom with a lighter when he urinated on the floor. He was beaten with an aluminum broom handle when he soiled himself. He was hurled across a room and hit a table.

The abuse went on until he could endure no more. He died Tuesday.

The sordid details spilled out Wednesday through police reports and the testimony of a North Miami detective, a day after Ghanson’s mother, Fafane Caze, 21, was arrested on charges of aggravated child abuse and torture. The judge tacked on another charge of attempted felony murder, Wednesday, which kept her in jail with no bond. A murder charge is pending as the medical examiner’s office catalogs the toddler’s injuries. More here.

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