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After Nelson's urging, relief on the way for Florida's unemployed


State officials announced Saturday they will pay thousands of unemployed Florida workers who have had benefits delayed more than seven days because of technical glitches with a new government website.

"This step should serve as a great relief for claimants who have faced hardships due to technical problems with the system," said Jesse Panuccio, who oversees the CONNECT website as executive director of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

"Some claimants have suffered and the DEO and the U.S. Department of Labor are committed to helping them through all legal and available means," Panuccio said.

The announcement came after federal labor officials arrived in Tallahassee on Friday at the behest of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.

Alarmed by reports of growing desperation among unpaid claimants, Nelson requested they investigate Florida's oversight of an unemployment benefits system that serves about 235,000 claimants.

"The Secretary of Labor promised me that he would send his folks to Florida to fix the mess the state has made of its unemployment benefits system, and it seems he's doing exactly that," Nelson said.

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ed jenkins

The readers have requested many times that their subscription money not be wasted by producing articles possibly numbering in the twenties of some website they care nothing about. They have states that it is against their wishes that their money be confiscated for welfare programs such as this and have suggested charities for those truly in need and those in need does not include those who have spent large amount of money on extravagant meals, luxury autos or homes or even worse illegal drugs. Please find topics for articles that the readers fid relevant.


Ed, disagree... While there maybe people who feel that way, as long as there is a program, the operational problems of said program are news.


May be


It's good that the delinquent unemployment payments are finally going out to the recipients that are due them. It's shameful that the inept $cott administration has been unable to process these payments on a timely basis. There should be an investigation as to the cause of these delinquent payments and whether it was just an inept $cott appointee to blame or whether there's more to the story.

As this is an unemployment insurance program funded by corporate unemployment taxes paid by corporate employers, these programs should be managed with integrity and efficiency. Our corporate employers expect no less.

Janice Adams

I have been waiting for unemployment payment for weeks dated back to Oct 13 2013. Been told they are waiting for more information to determine my eligibility. I have access late fees for 3 months now on all my bills. Still have not received payment.


Get to work or find a husband lady. We are not here to pay your bills for you.


I think people should be paid their unemployment in a timely matter. I think if you post nasty things like get a job or get a husband you are rude. I was single mother. I had worked for this company for 10 years. One day I get to work we are all hand a pink slip... Man and women both...So I guess those men should get to work or find a women... Hmmm. What has this world come too?.. If you worked, you will get unemployment. Just remember when it's time to vote, think twice about who sat there and didn't help his people...

Brenda Simmons

I been waiting for unemployment for 2 months. I have a 2 month old special needs infant. I was told my claim was under adjudication for employment verification for a employer that was listed during my initial claim in July . They started my payments in August than placed them on hold in November. Saturday they decided I was disqualified for payments from November to December, all but one and its on hold. My bills are really backed up.

ed jenkins

As some readers have commented the people of Florida are not here to pay the bills for their neighbors with funds confiscated from them. For some reason several people have gotten the impression that this is a place to list sob stories about bills to pay when the ability to pay those bills should have been considered when the person agreed to order those goods and services, not when the bill finally arrived. As has been stated, charities exist for those truly in need which does not include those who have spent large amounts of money on fancy meals, luxury autos or homes or even worse illegal drugs.


As some readers have erroneously commented numerous times, the unemployment insurance fund is not funded from sales tax revenue collected from consumers. This program is funded by an unemployment tax paid by employers. The claimants have been laid off and are entitled to claim unemployment insurance under the law. As has been stated many times, this program is not welfare.


Pablo the prick back at it again, no school so he is back in mommy's basement mocking posters and adding nothing to the discussion. Go somewhere where they believe in your nonsense communist probaganda.


The Florida System in general is S**t to say the least. My husband is a union worker and " supposed to wait for the hall to call" can't go non union(which I feel is bs) He applied in early December and is still waiting for his benefits! He has made about 10-15 Calls and every time he calls he gets the a different response of issues in the system and the worst thing about it is that it is errors on their end not ours. I asked the Representative don't you guys have one system that you go into and her response is yes, so answer me this if this is the case then why is that every time we call he is told something complete different and why should you we be penalized for your " system errors" her response was Ma'am you are not being penalized you will get back pay! Forget back pay my bills can't wait so yes I am being penalized when my light gets turned off and my phone that helps with my ability to work its just plain garbage Florida ever since moving here it as been problem after problem and its just pure ignorance.



You are the one that is hurling ignorant epithets and sexist comments at other posters and contributing nothing germane to the subject of the article. You need to go somewhere where they believe in your nonsense Nazi propaganda.


I honestly believe that the governors aim was to withhold benefits for as long as possible from as many as possible. The statistics prove this point. Ed Jenkins is the governor.


Food for thought: What happened to the 1.6 million in reparations Deloitte supposedly had to pay? What happened to the supposedly withheld 3 million from Deloitte? What about the 15 thousand per day Deloitte is supposedly being fined? Exactly where did that money go?Where was it funneled to? Has anyone asked those questions? The whole deal has been shady from the beginning.If glitches and problems have been deliberate,as some have suspected...couldnt it be so as to give justification for the funneling back of funds to unknown sources? Follow the money...and we may begin to get some real answers. We need to start asking the right questions,because something much bigger is at play here!!!!

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