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After Rubio objection, Obama officially ends federal nomination for Miami-Dade judge


President Obama today issued a long list of nominations and missing from the list was Miami-Dade Judge William Thomas, who was up for a spot on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District.

Thomas had been nominated but ran into objections from Sen. Marco Rubio (background here). "The nomination of Judge William Thomas was returned by the Senate and Senator Rubio has made his objection clear, so the President chose not to renominate him," a White House aide told the Tampa Bay Times.

In September, a Rubio spokeswoman said: 

"The nomination of Judge Thomas has also been thoroughly reviewed, and Senator Rubio has determined that Thomas’s record on the state court raises serious concerns about his fitness for a lifetime federal appointment. Those concerns include questions about his judicial temperament and his willingness to impose appropriate criminal sentences, particularly in the two high-profile cases of Michele Traverso and Joel Lebron earlier this year. After reviewing Thomas’s record, Senator Rubio cannot support moving forward with the nomination at this time."

Thomas, a Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge who is openly gay, gave Traverso 364 days in jail for a hit-and-run incident that left another man dead. In the other case, according to Rubio's office, "Twice Judge Thomas suppressed confessions of perpetrators of the crime including the confession of Joel Lebron, the man who pulled the trigger killing Ana Maria Angel."



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Yet his best friend and former house mate is disgraced politician, David Rivera. One has to openly wonder what's up with his logic.

ed jenkins

Thank you Rubio for blocking this pervert and you again show why you are the state's most popular politician and first non-democrat I have voted for in senate races.

Chuck Valdez

Ed Jenkins do you know the judge?

scott ray

You need only read his opinion in Traverso to know that he is not suitable for the Federal Bench.


Ed Jenkins he may or may not be the best judicial candidate, but now being gay is the same as being perverted?

What kind of fairy tale religious quackery land do you live in?

ed jenkins

The citizens once thought and hope to once again think that members of the judiciary are honest people with the highest integrity who follow the laws and live moral lives. Nominating a person who has admitted to living a perverted lifestyle does not fit in with the citizens requirements for a judge and this immoral person should have been removed after he initially admitted to it. The citizens thank Rubio who has lived up to their high expectations of him.


I submitted proof of judge thomas' corrupt ruling in my case in which he silenced orders of higher courts for his nomination to the federal position.
A great man and son but absolute idiot and moron in a court room.

Google "Miami judicial corruption"


It is obvious that those that responded to this article have never appeared before this Judge. He is by far the hardest working and intelligent jurist we have in Dade County. Senator Rubio blocked his nomination because Judge Thomas is gay not because of his qualifications as a judge. What this article fails to mention is that Traverso was only charged with leaving the scene of an accident and that Judge Thomas sentenced him to more time than the prosecutor had requested. Secondly, this article does not mention the fact that Joel Lebron was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty. Senator Rubio proved to be closed minded and as ignorant as some who have commented on this article. Rubio will be on the wrong side of history with his decision and obstruction of Judge Thomas nomination. The entire judicial system lost today not just Judge Thomas.

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