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Are pashminas to Joe Garcia what hats are to Frederica Wilson?


Washington reporters have gotten a kick out of Frederica Wilson's glamorous hats ever since she was elected to Congress in 2010. At one point, she even made the cover of the Washington Post magazine.

Now BuzzFeed -- which has highlighted Wilson's fashion sense in the past -- has caught onto the latest haute couture from another Miami Democrat in the nation's Capitol: Joe Garcia's pashmina scarves.

They're "fashionable and functional," Garcia spokeswoman Nicole Cueto told the popular website, which on Tuesday published one of its signature listicles titled, "This Congressman Uses D.C.'s Freezing Weather As An Excuse To Look Fabulous." (Subhead: "Scarf. YOLO.")

The piece appears to have been inspired by Garcia's tweet earlier Tuesday featuring a powder blue number for the 10-degree D.C. weather:

BuzzFeed even asked how many different pashminas Garcia owns. Alas, Cueto said she could not say.


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ed jenkins

The citizens request that no more articles be written about this about to be indicted campaign law violator until the article of his resignation is written. The citizens are tired of this criminal's antics to distract from his crimes and want his to leave so they can get serious representation rather than some clown trying to avoid prosecution using his office as leverage.

Pepa Moneda

Mr. Jenkins, please don't speak on my behalf.

Joe, your "pashminas" look great. Keep up the good work, but don't be a Pelosi/Obama tool.



fashion police highly disagree with you,
pashminas are so 10 years ago, and a never on a man, period.


I have an old felt looking towel that I use to wash my dogs with, that looks like that...

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