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Artiles pushes for moratorium on red-light cameras

Rep. Frank Artiles is taking aim at red light cameras.

"If it's about safety, then let's make it about safety and remove the profits for the governments," he wrote on his Facebook wall Tuesday.

Artiles, a Miami Republican, is championing a bill that would put a moratorium on new cameras.

The bill would also slash the penalty from $158 to $83 by removing the $75 that goes to government agencies. (The money either goes to the county, municipality or state Department of Revenue, depending on which agency installed the red light camera.)

Municipalities would be able to impose a surcharge to fund existing cameras. But it would have to be discussed at a public hearing and approved by majority vote.

The language is included in PCB THSS 14-01, a much larger transportation bill being proposed by the House Transportation & Highway Safety Subcommittee.

Artiles sits on the committee.

Artiles said his staff crunched the numbers and determined that the cities of Miami and Tampa had collected an estimated $5.8 million and $2.8 million, respectively, in red-light camera revenue between 2012 and 2103.

"Cities make millions of dollars," he said. "It is wrong to use red light cameras to balance your budget."

Crusading against red light cameras is a popular thing to do in Miami-Dade County.

But Artiles can expect a good fight in Tallahassee. Supporters (who are well funded and represented in the Florida Capitol) say the cameras change driver behavior and can help reduce accidents at intersections. 


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ed jenkins

The citizens greatly approve of this artiles trying to stop the confiscation of their money.

Of course they would prefer fewer fewer redlight runners and effort to stop that but this is clearly not the goal of these cameras. They would also prefer these menacing bicycle riders obey traffic laws and move off roads meant for transportation. This democrat primary voter has seen numerous bicycle riders running lights and stop signs and taking up more than a lane riding in these out of control packs and this practice needs to be stopped.


Total BS that they can charge 160-180 for a red light violation. Let's see do I pay rent or pay this fine? People are being raped by these fines.




how about a $10,000 dollar fine on politicians every time they are caught lying..........


I fully support what Rep. Artiles is doing. This is all about a couple of vendors making a lot of money off the backs of some of our poorest citizens. If its about public safety, the fines should be reduced

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