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Atwater and LeMieux make finalists list for FAU job, Ring gets rejected

Chief Financial Office Jeff Atwater and former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux made the finalists list for the presidency of Florida Atlantic University on Monday while the other politician, state Sen. Jeremy Ring, the only Democrat and former founding partner of Yahoo, didn't even get a nomination.

Atwater, who holds two degrees from the University of Florida, surprised the political world on Friday when word leaked that he had placed his name in nomination for the university's top job. If he gets the job, he will leave a safe seat on the state Cabinet. LeMieux also followed up on his promise to seek the job when he place his name in nomination too. 

The committee received 61 applicants and, after discussion of just over an hour, narrowed the list to 10 individuals who will be interviewed on Thursday and Friday. They are:

* Jeff Atwater, former state Senate president from North Palm Beach and current CFO

* Former FAU vice president Larry Lemanski, now at Texas A&M

* George LeMieux, former U.S. senator and chief of staff to former Gov. Charlie Crist, chairman of the Gunster Yoakley law firm in Fort Lauderdale

* Ronald Vogel, Cal State University

* Christopher Earley of Purdue University

* Donald Seigel, Dean of the School of Business and Professor of Management at the University at Albany, SUNY

* John Kelly, Clemson Vice President of Economic Development

* Robert Wilhelm, University of North Caroline-Charlotte

* Mary Holz-Caluse, University of Connecticut vice president for economic development

* David Brennan, University of Kentucky law school deal and an FAU graduate


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ed jenkins

The citizens do not see the need for this "university" as they see it as nothing more than a 4 year community college granting degrees of little value and putting students into large amounts of debt. The university of florida and fsu along with south florida and a few private universities are enough. The quality goes way down hill after that and these students would be better off going right to work or a community college and I certainly wouldn't be hiring people who waste money at schools such as FAU, FIU among others.

Proud FAU Graduate

Wow, Ed. You're a jackass.

I'm guessing your application to FAU was rejected given your awe-inspiring "essay" skills. You probably shouldn't leave comments about what is and what is not a valid "university" if you can't figure out proper punctuation in your "assessment" of FAU.

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