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Atwater announces he will seek FAU presidency

Saying he has been recruited for the job, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said Saturday that he is applying for the presidency of Florida Atlantic University.
If selected by the presidential search committee later this month, Atwater would relinquish what is considered a safe seat on the Florida Cabinet as the state's chief financial manager, creating the only open seat on the three-member Cabinet this election.
Atwater was elected CFO in 2010, after serving two years as Senate president, and was expected to seek re-election. He has also been frequently mentioned as a candidate for governor in 2018.
In an email to senior staff Saturday morning, Atwater said that he has "been approached by Florida Atlantic University (FAU) regarding the search for their next president.  After much thought and discussion with my family, I have decided to place my name into consideration for this position."
The university is seeking to fill the post vacated by Mary Jane Saunders in May after a series of embarrassing public relations developments. Saunders initiated and then reversed a decision by the univeristy to sell naming rights to the football stadium to the private prison company the GEO Group. The school also faced national ridicule after a teacher conducted a classroom exercise in which students were asked to write “Jesus” on a piece of paper then step on it and another professor suggested that the Boston Marathon bombing and the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., may have been hoaxes.
Atwater's links to the school include having three children attend or graduate from the university and representing the school's three campuses when he served in the legislature from 2000 to 2010. Atwater, a banker by trade and a graduate of the University of Florida, spent much of his legislative career focused on insurance and banking issues and was not known for his work on education issues. His profile says he focused on preserving funding for early childhood education and raising student performance standards.
The 15-member search committee is expected to meet on Monday to come up with a list of finalists and make its decision by Jan. 17.
Here is the note he sent to top staff after rumors circulated last night about his decision:
Team DFS,
I want to share information with you that is very timely.  I have been approached by Florida Atlantic University (FAU) regarding the search for their next president.  After much thought and discussion with my family, I have decided to place my name into consideration for this position.
As most of you know, I hold a unique and special affinity for FAU.  For more than two decades, in both my professional business and public life, I have had the honor of working with the FAU community during a time its reputation has grown from a regional to a state and now to a nationally and internationally respected and admired University.  I represented three of the campuses during my years in the Legislature and led the efforts to establish a standalone medical school at the University. During those years, two of my children graduated from FAU and a third is currently enrolled and pursuing her degree.
My passion and enthusiasm to serve as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer is as strong today as it was my first day in office. Your commitment to serving the people of Florida is an inspiration to me. We have accomplished much together and the thought of working alongside you for years to come remains as exciting as ever.
I wanted you to receive this message directly from me. I will consider the prospects of this position in a thoughtful manner.  FAU has told me that their selection process will not be protracted so let us all press onward in our service to the people of Florida making 2014 our most successful year ever.


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First thoughts on who could succeed CFO Jeff Atwater.


Can't take anymore

Has the stink of the Rick Scott Administration pushed another Republican insider out of Tallahassee? It would take a very strong stomach to ride out another four years when the alternative would be a cushy job with higher pay in the friendly arms of academia. It sure worked out well for Frank Brogan.


One wonders just what is the criteria for being a University President at FAU?

I noticed in what was quoted from Atwater that he did not once reference any school of higher education that he had been to or graduated from and he did not tout any academic qualifications. Just 'associations'.

Heck, I'm associated with a lot of things. Does that mean I'm qualified to be president of them?

If I were the paranoid type I'd think that this was a deliberate attempt at placement in Higher Education to implement a whole bunch of reforms that a certain faction of government would like.

ed jenkins

The people of Florida do not see a need for this CFO position as the governor is the fiscal steward of our state and the current one is doing an exemplary job which has won over the citizens of this once doubted political novice. It is also questionable that this Florida Atlantic University is needed as diplomas from community colleges such as this really have no value and its students would be better off simply starting their careers and getting experience than ending up $100,000 in debt for a little valued diploma.


The people of Florida do not see Rick $cott as being worthy of a second term as governor and look forward to dispatching him back to Naples in November. He is an idealogue pursuing his right wing idealogical agenda with very little yield, disenfranchising voters rights and advancing corporate welfare at the cost of citizens confiscated wealth through his ponzi schemes.

Randall McMurphy

Better to let Atwater be complicit in the theft of employee salaries at FAU alone rather than the whole state as he is now.

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