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Blogger of Florida Festivus-Pole fame targets Sen. Maria Sachs in election, rules complaints


Chaz Stevens, "Inventor, Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole" (as his letters and blog note), is targeting his home-county state Sen. Maria Sachs for allegedly failing to disclose her fundraising and election activity.

He just announced he filed complaints with the state Senate's Rules Committee and the Florida Elections Committee (attached below).

Sachs has been steadily under fire for appearing to not live in her district, but Stevens notes that it's Republicans who have gone after the Broward Democrat. He's self-described "left....a Progressive Liberal." And, Stevens said by email, "I’m trying to prove I’m more than just a pile of beer cans!"

Sachs better hope the Satanists don't join in.

Maria Sachs - Moving Forward - Elections

 Maria Sachs - Moving Forward - Rules


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What is this guy babbling about? I think he needs to go back to drinking cheap beer.

Frank White

This guy has taken out city commissioners and it looks like he's set his sights bigger. go chaz go


Sachs has made it intentionally confusing with both having the same name, so was the form signed in January for the new entity? That is what they will try to argue...

Frank, you may be right, I may have be confused.

Frank White

How can you sign a form declaring you're raising money for an entity that doesn't exist yet?
If that's the case, she has bigger problems!

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