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Bondi says she'll intervene in gay marriage lawsuit, if asked

Attorney General Pam Bondi said Wednesday that she is prepared to enter into one of the most divisive issues of the election year by joining in opposing a lawsuit that is asking a judge to throw out the state's ban on gay marriage. 

"If I am asked, yes (she will intervene) because it is my obligation as attorney general,'' she told reporters at the annual Associated Press Legislative Planning Summit in Tallahassee. "This is a constitutional amendment that voters passed by 60-something percent. My job is to defend that."

Six same-sex couples last week sued the Miami Dade County clerk of court seeking the right to marry, saying the 2008 ban violates their right to equal rights under the law. Voters amended the state Constitution by a vote of 62 percent to ban gay marriage and reject the recognition of legal same-sex marriages performed in other states. 

She compared it to opposing the proposed constitutional amendment on medical marijuana. If it were to become law, she said, "I have said I'll not vote for it but I'll defend it as attorney general,'' she said. 

Although Bondi campaigned on the promise that she would "vigorously defend Florida’s law banning gay adoption in our state,'' she did not revive the issue after she was elected since the state had lost its lawsuit attempting to stop gay couples from adopting children. The policy had been vigorously fought by her predecessor Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum and the time period on appeal expired before Bondi took office, her office said.

"Gay adoption is fully legal in Florida,'' she said. 

If Bondi joins the lawsuit, she would enter into one of the most polarizing issues of this election season. A March 2013 survey by Public Policy Polling found 75 percent of Florida voters favor allowing gay people either to marry (38 percent) or to have civil unions (37 percent).

Gov. Rick Scott has indicated he supports the gay-marriage ban. Democratic challenger and former state Sen. Nan Rich repeated her support for gay marriage at the reporters forum on Wednesday.

And Democrat Charlie Crist — who as the Republican governor in 2008 supported the ban — now sides with Rich and wants the constitutional amendment repealed.

"No one would want to be told they can’t marry the person they love. It’s an issue of fairness and I’m proud to support it," Crist said in a statement issued after the suit was announced.



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Ed Jenkins

This Bondi is showing why she is the state's most popular politician and will likely follow scott as governor as this is a simple decision since it has been demonstrated to be supported by more than 60% of our family friendly state. Floridians do not like immoral activities getting a pass as they lead to even more destructive activities down the road. This democrat primary voter had already made the easy decision to not support the scumbag crist in a primary or general election but the offensive position discussed about the nancy lady make her an unsupportable candidate for democrat primary voters as well and we request a new candidate similar to the kind that could win the state 20 years ago like chiles.

It should be noted that Bondi appears to not be perfect and has made a mistake that should be reversed in her discussion of adoption by perverts as it is against the law in this state as the people do not want innocent children to be placed in such abusive environments.

Bill Thompson

It appears that the Attorney General is planning to take on another losing court case/appeal, wasting more taxpayer funds on yet another losing effort.


It appears that some moron does not know that the job of our attorney general is to defend and uphold our laws and constitution, especially from attacks that a bunch of homos are attempting on them. Don't worry dumbass taxpayers pay her and her staff the same whether she tries cases or not so it costs the same.

Tally Folly

ed jenkins showing what a caveman he is yet again. So trite. Homosexuality is not immoral but passing judgement on others personal lives and preventing them from having the same freedoms as you is.

Seth Platt

Pam Bondi never met an unpopular issue she wasn't happy to waste taxpayer money fighting.


Bondi as governor, a nightmare and a joke at the same time.


I would just like to ask the AG if she has read the 1st, 10th, and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution. She has a responsiblity to make sure all citizens of the State of Florida are being protected...not just the majority.


Look you dumb homo the constitution says nothing about your perverted activities being legal and in fact we had sodomy laws back when it was written so the founders clearly didn't want that disgusting crap going on in our country.

Colette P

With the passing of time, hopefully each generation can look back and say that they made the world just a little bit better than the generation before. Time has a way to make truths come out...and for man(homo sapiens) to be a little bit more evolved physically, mentally, and spiritually. What was righteous in one generation can found to be morally wicked in the next. Take for example, corporal punishment; when I was a high school student at Clearwater High in 1976, protocol allowed for the whipping of young male delinquents...females were excluded...and today, that would be just unfair and abusive (both for the sex discrimination and the beating) and the principle would be fired, I'm sure. Time has changed our perceptions. Getting back to the subject at hand...if over 70% of Floridians in a 2013 survey wanted either marriage or unions, then why is our law the way it is? The amendment won because it gave us a choice of marriage or nothing. Maybe with time and more education, we can only hope that intelligence and the the hearts of the good people of FLorida will see that preventing the marriage of loving couples is as wrong as allowing the whipping of male behinds in the schoolroom.

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