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Carlos Curbelo: I raised c.$200k in race to beat Joe Garcia


In the Republican race to take on Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia, Miami-Dade School Board member Carlos Curbelo looks like the frontrunner. But the incumbent looks like he's pulling ahead in the cash race, noting yesterday he pulled in $412,000, about double what Curbelo is announcing in this press release:

MIAMI - Today Carlos Curbelo's Congressional Campaign announced that it raised approximately $200,000* in the last quarter of 2013, closing the year with a cash-on-hand balance in excess of $550,000*. The campaign has now raised nearly $650,000* and is operating at an extremely low burn rate. While the incumbent Congressman-by-default has raised hundreds of thousands from DC special interests (PACs), most of the campaign's contributions are from individual donors in South Florida. 

"I am very appreciate of all the support I received last quarter. Our community wants a new direction for the country and residents have had enough of scandal-plagued politicians like Joe Garcia who are committed to making Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House again," said Curbelo.

Curbelo is challenging freshman Congressman Joe Garcia whose campaign is under investigation by the FBI for illegally financing a straw candidate. Late last year Garcia's former chief of staff served time in jail for the campaign's participation in absentee ballot fraud. Garcia who had been rejected by voters on three occasion prior to the 2012 elections has made headlines for likening his House colleagues to the Taliban, a terrorist organization responsible for the death of many Americans and for circulating a letter on behalf of a lobbyist after receiving a $2,500 campaign contribution.

Curbelo was elected to the School Board of Miami-Dade County in 2010, and was reelected in 2012 without opposition. During Curbelo's time on the Board, Miami-Dade County Public Schools has won accolades for improving student performance while keeping taxes low and reducing the school system's bureaucracy.

*All numbers unofficial


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Ed Jenkins

The citizens have constantly asked for this horrible Garcia to resign so they can have proper representation in congress and not have a person holding their seat hostage and as bargaining leverage in criminal proceedings for financing straw campaigns and absentee ballot fraud.

Ed Jenkins

My cat's breath smells like cat food. which is weird since I feed him dog food.

joe blow

Carlos Curbello is a gambling lobbyist for cryin out loud!
Carlos is a political opportunist, first working for placeholder Senator George LeMioux.
He then moved up to local yokal politics at it's worst on the lowly Miami Dade school board.
Curbello has accomplished little to nothing besides being Superintendent Alberto Carvahlo's butt kissing sycophant. If you've ever watched these idiotic board meetings Curbello is the one combing Carvahlo's hair, fixing his tie and polishing his shoes.
Curbello is your typical Cuban scumbag who will use his seat to line his pockets and the cronies of his Republican crook buddies if elected.


Amen, Joe Blow!!!!!

The Dude

We should note that his fundraising haul this quarter is more than half what it was in the previous quarter. He has picked all his low hanging fruit, and Martinez has effectively stopped his momentum. Curbelo is an amateur who thinks he's hot shot. He's about to get trounced by some real pros. Can't wait to watch.


Congressman Joe Garcia (FL) Supports the Lie of the Year


Notice how de-mock-RAT Garcia in the video is looking more and more just like Fidel Castro. The sane pointing up with the index finger while devil-preaching to "the masses" very typical of the radical left, maniacs with a grandiosity complex.

This Garcia is an opportunistic commie, a radical in sheep's skin. He's hooked in with Obama, and supports lying to the American people, late-term and born-alive abortions, having no economic plan, cronyism for his liberal friends, and using their governmental powers to go after and harass citizens who they don't like. Garcia's also in bed with half-a-brain Namcy Pelosi who says that Food Stamps is the best plan to grow the economy. Garcia is determined to continue in office with the radical left, and not to have to worlk again. It doesn't matter if some elections need to be rigged or some laws got to be broken. This Garcia is bad weed, and now is the time to pluck him!

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