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Changes in Gov. Scott's communications shop

As Gov. Rick Scott's communications director, Melissa Sellers, shifts to managing his campaign for re-election, changes are underway in his communications shop.
Replacing Sellers as communications director will be her deputy, Frank Collins III. Collins, like Sellers, was part of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's press operation before coming to Florida. The 29-year-old Collins held a variety of posts under Jindal including campaign field director, transition press assistant, assistant press secretary and press secretary before following Sellers to Tallahassee.
Collins is a native of Stonewall, LA and has a bachelor's degree in international studies from LSU.
Also joining Scott's revamped election-year press shop as deputy communications director is Monica Russell, who has been director of communications at the Department of Economic Opportunity. A University of Florida graduate, she previously was a partner in North Public Relations, a Tallahassee firm.
-- Steve Bousquet


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So the 29 year old wonder kid is supposed to navigate Florida media in an election year... this should prove interesting. Almost feel sorry for Monica, or anyone else with Florida experience having to work in that environment.

Crown Real

FC3 is wicked smart and he's fierce with political know-how. FC3 got it locked down like a bottle a Crown! Hello!

Bill Davidson

Is this the same Frank Collins who was promoted to Deputy Director in Jindal's administration when Sellers was forced err resigned? The same Frank Collins who made it a month before he was cast out to a no name department? The same Frank Collins who got married last year and his new wife received a Deputy Communications position with Department of Juvenile Justice. No, couldn't be.

But it is the same Monica Russell who threw a birthday party for Melissa Sellers. A party that your paper reported when the Chief of Staff attended.

Timmy Twotoes

Yep. Bousquet, in full lap-dog mode, dutifully reports the story these clowns want because he can't function without getting handouts.

Come on, Steve. You're farting dust. Monica Russell is the WIFE of the lobbyist who threw the birthday party for Sellers...a story that blew up in Adam Hollingsworth's face. But yet you don't mention it???


FC3??? LOL

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