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Charlie Crist to fundraise in Fort Lauderdale tonight. But will he debate Nan Rich in Broward?


Charlie Crist is expected at a fundraiser at Greenspoon Marder, former state Sen. Steve Geller’s law firm, in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Nothing has been announced yet for Crist to speak to any Broward groups publicly, but Geller, who is advising Crist, told the Miami Herald that that should happen in the “next 30 days.”

Broward College and Broward Days, a state legislative advocacy group, reached out to Crist and Democratic opponent Nan Rich, a former Weston senator, to invite them to a debate in Broward.

“I never got a response from Crist,” said lawyer Michael Colodny, chair of Broward Days. “I spoke to some of his political representatives who said they would carry the word to the campaign and I’ve heard nothing since then. I heard from Rich’s people if Crist was agreeable they would get together and hopefully work out a format and some timing.”

Geller said he spoke to Colodny weeks ago “and told him that it’s way too early to be discussing if there will be debates, how many, and where. Let’s see who actually ends up filing before we discuss debates.”

Colodny, a partner at Colodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky & Abate, P.A in Fort Lauderdale, is a registered Republican and donor to GOP candidates. Colodny said he hosted a fundraiser for Crist when he ran as a Republican for governor in 2006.

One of his firm’s other name partners, Howard Talenfeld, was on the host committee for a Rich fundraiser in September.

Crist has taken some hits for running a quiet campaign so far. Broward will be crucial for any statewide Democratic candidate since it has the largest contingent of registered Democratic voters in the state.

In 2010, Democrat Alex Sink was criticized for not showing enough love to Broward early and often during the gubernatorial campaign -- and she narrowly lost to Republican Rick Scott when Broward produced a pathetic 41 percent turnout.




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Ed Jenkins

Democrat primary voters would prefer debates but they would like a new candidate who can win a general election and not to have the scumbag crist forced on them who has previously been rejected as a republican and independent after the democrats never voted for him. Of course this democrat primary voter was prepared to vote for the nancy lady and still may but her highly offensive remarks counter to the values of family friendly florida make it less likely.

Jack Watson

I am a former Republican who left the party and switched to being an independent. This is because of the party catering to a narrow minded ideological agenda and also to special interests and their lobbyists. My family has been life long Republicans and this is not the same party.

The lineup for Governor in the Democratic Party is shaping up to be very interesting. I will be watching it with interest. Governor Crist represents a more moderate view and has always put the citizens before that of lobbyists and special interests like many of the current Republicans in office do.

I have spoken with many of my friends and neighbors in the community and in my church and they feel the same way I do. They feel that the Republican party is getting away from its roots and principles and they don't like it.


Oh yeah Jack that is believable, we have never heard the I am leaving the republican party and have only voted republican before because it somehow changed. Give me a break you lying lifetime democrat. No one with any credibility who ever voted republican in the past would ever vote for this crist jerk now so don't come here with you bs stories any more loser.

Jack Watson

Hey Dummy,

You need to think before you write something, if that is possible with your pea of a brain. The GOP is shrinking in membership because many voters like me have left the party and become an independent, because we don't like the direction that the party is moving in. I have spoken with many people in my community that feel the same way I do. You will find that out in November when the GOP loses more elections like they did 2 years ago. It's sad to see my former party go the direction that it is.

Stop attacking other people commenting in here with your slurs. If you have an original thought (if that's possible) just post it. If you are going to just come here to attack other people with your slurs, then STFU.

tony smith

FOUR articles on him and Nan Rich? Wow. I thought debate rules usually required that candidates have a certain percentage of the vote. Um.....

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