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CNN targets Gov. Scott in report on 'pay to play' politics

CNN devoted nearly 15 minutes in prime time Wednesday evening to a report on what anchor Anderson Cooper called "the extortion game" of pay-to-play politics -- and a case study in the piece was Gov. Rick Scott.

Reporter Drew Griffin did a "pay up or else" piece on the endless practice of Washington politicians soliciting money from lobbyists, and a former Shell Oil executive repeatedly used the word "extortion." Even though the piece was D.C.-centric, Scott was featured at the beginning and the end. The report focused on a November K Street fund-raiser for Scott's soft-money committee, Let's Get to Work, where the price of admission was $2,500 (for $10,000, donors could have a photo-op with Scott).

The host of that Scott fund-raiser, CNN reported, was The Principi Group, a D.C. lobbying firm headed by Anthony Principi, a former secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, who in 2012 landed a $1.8 million contract with the state to safeguard Florida military bases from closures. The Principi Group has donated $10,000 to Let's Get to Work.

"It's all just a coincidence," Griffin said, his voice fairly dripping with sarcasm.

Scott was shown at a Cabinet meeting, blandly deflecting questions about the money. "You'll have to talk to Let's Get to Work,"he said. CNN then quoted the Republican Party of Florida as saying: "Gov. Scott makes all decisions based on what is best for the people of Florida and what will create jobs, careers and opportunities for its citizens."

-- Steve Bousquet



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Did the spot cover Sebilius hitting up insurance executives for money to promote Obamacare?

ed jenkins

The readers and citizens are all well aware that funds have to be raised to run political campaigns. They are also aware that some work has to be done by the state and it is inevitable that businesses getting that work will have some connection to those giving money from time to time as political donors sometimes own firms whose business is needed by the government. The citizens do not have any interest in these regular connections whether no matter which politicians they concern even if they involve the scumbag crist and the readers do not need any more articles on this subject.


Let's set aside the fact that modern day politics is so corrupt, so seedy, that citizens are beginning to finally disassociate themselves from both parties. When the members in Congress, can knowingly and legally invest and profit on laws which will be instituted by their own votes, and go from lower middle class incomes to multi million dollar net worths by the time that they eventually retire or are voted out, this "news" you post looks like the most above board business of politics you could have chosen to print.
The oddest and ain't that a hoot fact is that the Liberal, and for the people, Democratic party, creates more millionaires, and currently has more in office (fact check for yourselves), than those dirty dealing, profit hoarding, regulation hating, business loving Republicans.
Until this Nation's majority realize that today's Government, local, state and Federal, is made up of people you wouldn't trust to give your spare house key to, and insist on giving them more and more power, say and control of our lives, this country will continue to spiral down a sad and destructive funnel it so seemingly richly deserves now.


Oy vey!

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