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Conservative Israel group to air TV ads bashing Debbie Wasserman Schultz over Iran sanctions


The Emergency Committee for Israel, a longtime critic of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is targeting the Weston Representative in a TV ad that accuses her of trying to block an Iran sanctions bill.

It's not clear if she is (we're awaiting comment).

Update: Wasserman Schultz's spokeswoman, Mara Sloan, said the claim isn't true: “Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been a strong supporter of sanctions against Iran and will continue to be. She has cosponsored and voted for the additional sanctions bill that has already passed the house. Currently, there is not a resolution on sanctions offered in the House. As soon as one is filed, she will review the language, as she does with any legislation and decide whether it helps to ensure that Iran will never have a nuclear weapon.” 

The conservative Washington Free Beacon, which leveled the charge three days ago, quoted anonymous Democrats advancing the claim and reported that Wasserman Schultz's office wouldn't comment.

Regardless, starting Sunday, the committee plans to air the ad that just happens to feature a fellow Jewish Democrat as a counterpoint, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer. The size of the buy is unclear, but the committee says it'll air on all the Sunday news shows and be visible enough to cable viewers who watch sports in South Florida.

The text of the ad:

“Why is Debbie Wasserman Schultz trying to block a bipartisan Iran-sanctions bill? Pro-Israel Democrats support new sanctions.

“[Voice/image of Chuck Schumer, D-NY]: ‘Democrats and Republicans believe the best way to avoid war and get Iran to give up nuclear weapons is by ratcheting up sanctions, not by reducing them.’

“She says she’s pro-Israel. She says she’s tough on Iran. Then why is she against bipartisan Iran sanctions? Call Debbie Wasserman Schultz and tell her: ‘Stand with Israel and stop standing in the way of Iran sanctions’”


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ed jenkins

Floridians despise this miserable woman who does not support Israel, the countries best ally in the middle east.


Floridians despise stupid posters who distort issues and have no clue what they're talking about.

Ana Gomez-Mallada

It's about time somebody calls her out for taking Obama's side over our friend Israel's every time.

ed jenkins

As has been shown by reader comments the citizens are disgusted with where my democrat party has drifted from a mainstream party which first attracted Floridians such as my self to an extremist party with rare candidates I and other democrat party can support. It is why we have seen such great republican control over the state in the last 2 decades and things will not get any better by nominating the scumbag crist who brings out all of the worst feelings in voters.


DWS- the JINO Jew in name only her real reference to tribulation came after the 2000 election when Palm Beach went wrong-- her role is to deliver Florida any way possible. Whether it be by delivering NYC write in votes or maintaining a front for Soros's manipulations

Mike Rump

Sanctions have not even slowed Iran down on their pursuit of nuclear weapons. This is all for show. Israel is clearly on it's own and will have to act on their own. What a shame.

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