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Conservative Miami-Dade commissioner picks up progressive challenger


Miami-Dade County Commissioner Lynda Bell, the commission vice-chairwoman who has recently come under political fire, has drawn a reelection opponent in what could become a polarizing race.

Daniella Levine Cava opened a fundraising account Friday and plans to kick off her campaign Tuesday. Levine Cava is the founder and former chief executive of the social services agency Catalyst Miami, formerly known as the Human Services Coalition.

Behind Levine Cava’s campaign is a concerted effort by liberal progressives in Miami-Dade to challenge the conservative Bell, a one-term commissioner whom they view as vulnerable. While the commission race in nonpartisan, Bell is a registered Republican and Levine Cava is a Democrat.

“There’s perception of lack of integrity or corruption in county government generally, so my goal would be to epitomize the opposite of that so that the entire character of local government would change and be regarded with greater respect,” Levine Cava said Monday in an interview with the Miami Herald. 

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Daniella will make an EXCELLENT Commissioner. I'm glad to see some of the good guys are finally stepping up to the plate to help lead Miami-Dade County.


It's time to take back county hall from the crooks. Lynda Bell has to go.


Judging from her quote, she's not very articulate is she? She just added her second name? Typical liberal behavior, change your name/identity, anything to get elected ( Elizabeth Warren??) I love how the article brings up the absentee ballot investigation for four ballots, yet it was the distinguished US Congressman (D) Joe Garcia, whose entire campaign was tainted by fraud. A democrat "dedicated to integrity in government, yeah right.

Annie Morris

Gee, as long as I have known her she has had the same name. I have also never known her to save the whole world or destroy same. Governance is a group project and too much of the time in South Florida it has been a personality and hidden agenda process which excludes citizens and citizen participation. I think Daniela Cava Levine did a pretty good job of outlining an agenda I will support.

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