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Crist: Rick Scott has 'disappointed' Floridians

Charlie Crist raised money in Tallahassee Thursday with a fund-raiser at the law firm of Parks & Crump, known for civil rights litigation and for having represented the family of shooting victim Trayvon Martin.

Speaking with reporters outside the event, the former Republican governor-turned-Democrat blasted Gov. Rick Scott for his appointments, ethics, voting rights decisions and refusal to accept federal money for a high-speed rail system.

"He's got his record and I've got mine," Crist said, and cited the record $1.7 billion fine for fraudulent health care billings imposed on Columbia/HCA, the hospital company Scott formerly ran. "What is fraud with a health care company? Basically it's called upcoding, which is kind of a fancy word for stealing. That's wrong. It's not the right thing to do."

He said Scott has "disappointed" Floridians, such as by proposing a $1.3 billion cut to schools in his first year and a $300 million cut to universities his second year. Scott has advocated $1 billion increases for schools each of the past two years.

"A disaster" is how Crist described the quality and turnover rate of Scott's appointments to state agencies.

Reporters reminded Crist that under Scott, unemployment in Florida is steadily dropping and state revenues are rising.

His response: "The turnaround started when we were still here." Noting his acceptance of billions in stimulus money, he said: "I did things to keep us from going further in the ditch."

On Scott's pick this week of former Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera as lieutenant governor, Crist said: "Carlos is a fine fellow but he's with the wrong guy. This race is about Gov. Scott ... He's the top of the ticket, and that's really at the end of the day what the race is about."

Crist allowed reporters inside the fund-raiser. Guests included Rep. Alan Williams; lobbyist Sean Pittman; Walt McNeil, who was Crist's secretary of corrections and criminal justice, and state Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant, who said she was there as a courtesy and has attended similar events for another Democratic candidate, former Sen. Nan Rich of Weston.

 -- Steve Bousquet


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ed jenkins

The voters of florida will not forget the disastrous state the scumbag crist left the state in and although they initially doubted whether the political novice scott could fix it they have been won over with his excellent fiscal stewardship.


Scott has balanced the budget on students and state workers. Scott has done zero for any of us here in Florida when Crist was in charge everyone had a piece of the pie...not just the wealthy. If you look how Scott balanced the budget during a recession he basically took it from the middle class and the poor...Scott had nothing to do with anyone going back to work in fact he has lost jobs and turned jobs away! He has wreaked havoc on Florida and used it for his rich constituents to benefit...Scott makes his money the old fashion way he stole it...the only business Scott knows is dirty business...when he is voted out he needs to take Will weatherford with him
...his mini me!


Charlie disappointed me and I will find it hard to forgive. Sorry, Charlie!


Charlie, you ran as a Reagan Conservative a Jeb Bush Republican... and one of your first acts was to reduce the terms of criminals by automatically restoring voting rights.

The process to restore rights was always part of the sentence a criminal was given... and to have run as a staunch Republican and then immediately turn your back, you greatly dissapointed me and made me skeptical of anything and everything you said from that point on... something that has proven to be useful given that you have not been a man of your word.

You can try to brush it off as evolving, but having no core values, no spine is not a trait anyone should look for in a politician.

There are politicians that have positions on issues that I disagree with... that is ok... I will not agree 100% with everyone on every issue... but at least I know where they stand... with you, no one knows.

ed jenkins

As we have seen citizens are starting to remember the scumbag crist for what he was and why they rejected him twice in 2010 elections, both times resoundingly. First republicans rejected him in their primary (though crist tries to hide it by withdrawing) then the general election voters rejected him by one of the largest margins recorded for this position. This democrat primary voter will not vote for him in either the primary or general election and urges the democrat party to remove him in favor of someone that can win. A party that hasn't won in nearly 2 decades needs to go back to the formula that works and a good old florida cracker like graham or chiles would be a perfect candidate, not the scumbag and hated former governor crist.


The citizens of Florida look forward to having a governor who is pragmatic and open minded instead of a zenophobic ideologue who is only interested in pushing his narrow minded ideological agenda and the interests of his large corporate donors.

Joe Kreps

There is only one candidate that isn't a corporate puppet. Her name is Nan Rich and she is the only candidate that you can trust to do the right things for the people.

ed jenkins

The suggestion by the wise Mr. Kreps will definitely be considered by this democrat primary voter and as of now Nancy is my choice but I am afraid the incompetent democrat party of Florida will drag the scumbag crist to victory leaving democrat primary voters with no choice but to vote for scott in the general election. Surely there is another democrat primary candidate the party can support instead of this scumbag crist.


Scott is the worse gov. and best crook fl ever had hope he
is gone in Nov. and moves out of Fl.


$cott has been laying low the last year because he's worried about the impending election, especially with his own pollster reporting $cott's high negatives and $cott trailing Crist. If $cott is re-elected, he will be feel free to return to his zenophobic, ideological agenda for the next four years.


The republican party would be wise to select a mainstream republican to run for governor, because this zenophobic, ideologue $cott will drag down the entire GOP ballot in the general election, energize voter turnout among the democrats, resulting in more democrats being elected on election day.

$cott's way to victory is to use his wealth and the contribution of his wealthy donors to carpet bomb negative ads to try and destroy Crist, just like he did to long-time republican Bill McCollum four years ago. $cott will next continue to try and suppress voter turnout as well, because he knows that if people turnout to vote and exercise their constitutional rights, he's finished.

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