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David Beckham, investors hire Tallahassee lobbyist for Miami Major League Soccer push


In their campaign to establish a Major League Soccer franchise in Miami, retired footballer David Beckham and his investors have repeatedly pledged to stay away from public funds.

But that promise only applied to county dollars.

The investment group, as expected, plans to seek state funding for a downtown Miami stadium and has hired a top Tallahassee lobbyist to help out.

Brian Ballard will work on behalf of Miami Beckham United to pursue a state sales-tax subsidy similar to what other professional sports teams across Florida have received for building new facilities.

“We’ve been retained to make sure that Miami Major League Soccer is treated like every other professional sports team in the state,” Ballard said Friday.

He wouldn’t specify how much the investors might request — the funds are considered a rebate of sales taxes collected at qualifying stadiums — but the number is expected to be similar to past deals for other teams.

In the 1990s, for example, the Miami Dolphins received a $2 million annual subsidy over 30 years to retrofit Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens for baseball.

More here.

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Brian Ballard's a sleazeball who would sell his own mother for a nickel!
Fund schools, parks and roads NOT BILLIONAIRE sports franchise owners.
Let Beckham pay for his OWN DAMN STADIUM!

ed jenkins

The citizens have already spoken and want no more of their money going towards stadiums (and would like to get money back from thieves like Loria and deadbeat non rent payers such as the Heat). The people of Florida believe this soccer person should look elsewhere if he is unwilling to pay for his own stadium including land. As a suggestion to the soccer person he might want to find another country since soccer is not an American sport as evidenced by many failed attempts in the past to try to draw americans to this primitive game.

Luca Quinteri

Miami is already "another country". Thanks God may I add. Now go bring your hate on some redneck city news paper.


This will go down in flames

Uncle Ed

Did you guys even read the article? Why comment if you don't even take a few minutes to read it's content?
It will be a PRIVATELY funded stadium. NO public funds in case you don't know what that means.
And for the soccer hater. It's the beautiful game. The most popular sport in the world and the game most played across the USA by our youth. Get used to it.


Vamos Beckham we are ready. Soccer is the most popular sport in Miami. We are ready to welcome MLS to Miami.


How about HELL NO. Buy your own stadium.


Uncle Ed, did you? First paragraph.

"David Beckham and his investors pushing for a Major League Soccer franchise and new stadium in downtown Miami have hired a Tallahassee lobbyist to help the potential team secure state funding."


Beckham will bring something spectacular here not just his name, but a class organization to Miami. Claure knows how to run a club. The two together is just what Miami needs for soccer.

ed jenkins

Some unfortunately in their desire to see this primitive game at a subsidized price have overlooked the fact that this article is about going to our politicians to get politicians to award money confiscated from taxpayers to those behind this effort which is something the citizens have spoken out loudly against being done again. In addition it is not considered that public owned land will likely be used and there will be requests to get it for free or at significantly below market rent, another upsetting concept to taxpayers.

As has been seen repeatedly the people of America have no interest in watching this primitive sport no matter how many efforts are made to push it on the public as we have more modern sports in this country that others do not unlike countries where it only has to compete with watching paint dry. Sure children play this game in large numbers just as they do other childrens games requiring no athletic ability such as duck duck goose and tag, but as children grow up and develop coordination they move on to sports that hold their attention such as baseball, basketball, football and hockey.

Ed Smythe

and yet soccer games in Miami routinely draw large crowds like the 70k that came out to see Barcelona or the 61k that came out to see Real Madrid or the AC Milan vs Chelsea game which drew over 50k or Mexico vs Colombia which also drew over 50k, all of these in the last few years in Miami. Recently a Brazil soccer match in Miami outdrew the Miami Dolphins who played in the same stadium the very next day. Not so primitive I guess. Meanwhile, the Seattle MLS team averages over 40,000 fans per game and MLS now outdraws the NBA and NHL in fans per game.

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