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Diaz, Simpson promote cuts to corporate filing fees

State Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, R-Miami, and Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, are sponsoring proposals that would reduce the annual costs small business owners pay to the state.

SB 776 and HB 767 seek to reduce the corporate filing fees businesses pay to the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations.

“This legislation will continue to promote Florida as the number one place to do business,” Diaz said. “By cutting the corporate filing fees businesses can focus on hiring more workers, providing more jobs for Florida’s families."

The proposals dovetail with Gov. Rick Scott's proposal to reduce corporate filing fees by $33.3 million.


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ed jenkins

The people wish to file a complaint but do not want to pay any fees for such action please where can I mail this complaint. Do I need to add postage?

Ed Jenkins

The taxpayers greatly appreciate this move that confiscates less of their hard earned money and the people of Florida are happy that this will lead to fewer potential jobs being lost. They point out that government does not actually produce jobs, it does however do things that prevent jobs and this action lessens the job prevention.

It has been brought to my attention by readers that there is a horribly troubled person imitating public figures and other commenters and my name has been used. I would like to let fellow commenters that this has been complained about to the hometown paper and this individual will be tracked down but for now it may be safe to assume all comments with the "E" in Ed capitalized are not the imposter.

Concerned reader

Ed Jenkins,

That is terrible and I am glad you exposed this unfortunate situation.

But did you ever find your slippers?

Bill Thompson

This is excellent news. Corporations now pay $150 per year to file their annual report with the State of Florida. This bill will reduce the fee to $125, a savings of $25 per year. With this savings of $25, businesses will be able to hire many new employees and greatly expand their businesses. This $25 savings is not just a one time reduction, but every year! Thanks to our great and wise leadership in Tallahassee.


This legislation also reduces the late fee from $400 to $125. Big difference for small business owners.

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