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First little mystery of Lopez-Cantera era: What's his religion?


One of the very first things some voters will want to know about Florida's new lieutenant governor, Carlos Lopez-Cantera, is his religion and whether and where he and his family attend church.

Is he Catholic? Is he Jewish?

Is he both?

Lopez-Cantera's wife Renee and his mother are Jewish and his father is Catholic.

At the family home in Coral Gables, they display a mezuzah, a sacred parchment scroll that contains Hebrew scripture. Renee Lopez-Cantera has a web page that details her charitable giving work with the Hebrew Free Loan Association of South Florida.

In his official state House biography in 2010, Lopez-Cantera listed Catholic as his religion. In a more recent Clerk's Manual in 2012, he listed no religious affiliation.

At his announcement with Gov. Rick Scott in downtown Miami Tuesday, the Miami Herald's Marc Caputo asked Lopez-Cantera his religion. His reply: "I'd rather not be defined that way ... We're very spiritual."



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tony smith

Who cares??????????????????????????

ed jenkins

What is with this horrible group of reporters who have replaced once honorable reporters at this hometown paper again intruding in this man's privacy and his established constitution right to freely practice his religion. The readers would prefer a complete overhaul of this newsroom.


I wish that the media would spend as much effort on finding out how much time Charlie Crist spends with his step-daughters.


I wish the media would spend as much effort on the pay to play mentality in Tallahassee and corporate welfare giving away Citizen's reserves to under-capitalized start-up insurance companies that are GOP cronies. These are some of the real issues in Florida that need attention by the fourth estate. Not whether someone is Catholic or Jewish.


How about asking our dear President what his religion is?
He sat in Jeremiah's pulpit for 20 years hearing about God damning America, didn't bother to go to church on Christmas Day, yet this reporter is dogging CLC?/ Seriously??!!

jOHnnY HoTHeaD

miamimom....Christmas wasn't on Sunday last year, so why expect anyone to go to church? Oh, I forgot, for some of you, going to church on Christmas is supposed to make up for the rest of the year when, on Sundays, you're worshipping at the "Church of the Open Newspaper."

Can't take anymore

If Cantera had to pass a religion test to please Rick Scott it must have been his ability to worship the Almighty Dollar. That is the only deity that Scott and his corporate cronies find worthy of their devotion.


** remember freedom of religion.. who cares whats his believes are, as long as he does not breaks the laws of this county. not a good new flick.


The first little question should be, why is this career politician and opportunist quitting his job before finishing his term? The citizens of Florida are tired of these political opportunists living high off the struggling taxpayers and only thinking of furthering their political careers.

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