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Florida executes Miami triple murderer


STARKE -- Miami triple murderer Thomas Knight was executed Tuesday evening, offering no apology to his victims’ families or last words at all.

He was pronounced dead at 6:45 p.m.

Knight loaded up on sweets and visited with a friend earlier in the day and his demeanor before the execution was calm, a Florida corrections spokeswoman said Tuesday afternoon.

Knight ate portions of sweet potato pie, coconut cake, banana nut bread, vanilla ice cream, strawberry-and-butter pecan ice cream and Fritos corn chips — all washed down by a quarter of a bottle of Sprite.

The condemned inmate – who has been awaiting execution for nearly four decades – visited with an unidentified friend Tuesday, one day after meeting with four of his sisters.

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Kill the Killers 40 yrs too late for the victims

ed jenkins

The people are pleased that this has been done but disgusted that this evil has been allowed to live in our state 40 years past its expiration date. Also the citizens are offended at the practice of giving these awful people feasts to celebrate their execution. The people of Florida demand that old sparky, a state icon, be reactivated and stopping the delays and growing death row population. These horrible people can all be run through old sparky in a matter of days and we can be rid of death row as Floridians once again join in by lowering their electricity usage for executions to give sparky a little more juice.


Four decades?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,GEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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