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Florida inmate awaiting execution for murder of Miami cop dies on Death Row


STARKE — Robert Patten, whose murder of rookie Miami police officer Nathaniel Broom in September 1981 landed him on Death Row, has died in prison of natural causes.

The 56-year-old had been at the Florida State Prison awaiting execution for the murder since 1989. Patten had been at the prison’s infirmary with an undisclosed ailment before he died Monday, according to a corrections spokeswoman.

“Although Patten will not be put to death for the murder of Officer Broom, he will now have to answer to a higher authority,” Miami Police Maj. Delrish Moss, a department spokesman, said on Tuesday. “This closes a bitter chapter in our city’s history and we can all sleep better knowing this killer will never again walk out streets.”

Broom, 24, was an Army veteran who was raised in Overtown and had wanted to be a police officer since he was a child. After his death, the department named Broom officer of the year.

The death of an African-American officer at the hands of a white armed robber came at a sensitive time in Miami, which had just experienced race riots the year before following the acquittals of officers accused of fatally beating a black motorist.

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ed jenkins

Floridians are disappointed that this criminal did not get to suffer the death penalty in the proper manner to match the suffering of his victim. The citizens request that our governor run all of the death row inmates through old sparky our state icon that needs to be returned to prominence as soon as possible to prevent them from escaping punishment like this murderer.

Tom Reynolds

Speak for your self Jenkins. You are a cop sucker . The cops in Miami are proven Criminals . For every one cop who has met his maker , ten others have murdered innocent people .


Suffer the death penalty?All of you who are thinking he didn't "suffer" the death penalty,rest peacefully.If he had to sit in a Florida Prison for four decades,then he suffered far more than if he had went to be with the Lord fourty years ago.The suffering is the being in the prison,not in the leaving it.

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