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Florida Legislature may back in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants

Driven by her dream of becoming a doctor, Mariana Castro won a coveted spot in the neurobiological sciences program at the University of Florida.

But one thing still stands in her way.

A native of Peru who came to the United States illegally as a child, Castro doesn't quality for in-state tuition. It doesn't matter that she has lived in Florida since she was 10, or that she has temporary legal standing under a federal program for young immigrants. She must still pay the $28,548 in tuition and fees charged to out-of-state students, more than four times the amount charged to Florida residents.

“If this continues, I will have to consider dropping out,” she said.

Castro is taking her case to Tallahassee. She and other UF students are lobbying for proposals that would extend in-state tuition rates to undocumented students.

While the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature has rejected similar bills for the past decade, there is reason to believe this year might be different: Republican House Speaker Will Weatherford has pledged his support.

“I know this issue brings strong opinions, particularly in my party,” Weatherford told the Herald/Times. “But I think it’s right. It’s got my support.”

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At any age, an Illegal Alien is an Illegal visitor to our state, they are NOT legal residence. There is in no case that we should subsidize those who have broken the law to remain in our state illegally. In-State Tuition is subsidized by the tax payers and visitors should never be subsidized or take the place of children of the tax payers for political purposes for feigning humanity. This is more pulling on the heart strings of the ignorance of the masses. Yet they fail to see they are removing opportunities of citizens to subsidize foreigners at tax payer's expense even while the Lying King fails to enforce the Law or protect the Constitution.


While i agree with much of your points, the state taxes collected from persons are consumption taxes and illegal aliens pay sales tax just like legal residents do. so they are also taxpayers in Florida just like everyone else.


Shut up pablo the communist. We don't need to hear your begging for free money after taking your raft over here. Just get back on it and go back to the country that filled your head with that communist nonsense.

harry Houdini

Hold on D. Lets not get carried away. While I support your position lets not go crazy with the "name calling." That doesn't help your ( or my ) position. The thing I do not understand is why would you consider giving these breaks to illegal residents while at the same time the legislature is CONSIDERING dropping free of reduced tuition for BRIGHT FUTURES. BRIGHT FUTURES is payback for generations of American Citizens and their families who have contributed to the tax base for multiple generations and NOW we are considering dropping that wonderful program. WHY?

We have gone off the DEEP END in this star for political correctness. Pandering for votes seems to be the payoff here.

Randall McMurphy

How hypocritical to provide instate tuition to law breakers but deny medicaid to Florida citizens. Will Weatherford proves once again just what a huge hypocrite he really is.

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