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Gov. Rick Scott to pitch 10-day sales tax holiday


Florida Gov. Rick Scott will propose a 10-day back-to-school sales tax holiday in a speech Friday.

Florida families would save an estimated $60 million in state and local taxes under the proposal.

Scott will make the pitch during a speech at the Florida Chamber of Commerce's annual Insurance Summit. He has been rolling out portions of his "It's Your Money Tax Cut Budget" in recent days.

Clothing, footwear, school supplies and computers are included in the tax exempt purchases.

His proposal would more than triple the number of days included in the back-to-school event, compared to recent years.

Florida held a 3-day sales tax holiday for the past four years. The economic downturn caused the tax holiday to be cancelled in 2008 and 2009.

The state's first sales tax holiday was a 7-day event in 1998. It grew to 9 days in 1999.


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ed jenkins

The taxpayers greatly appreciate this return of their pverpaid money made possible by scott's excellent fiscal stewardship although they would appreciate even more if this were a permanent measure.

Tally Folly

ed you are such an imbecile.
Rick Scott's answer to everything is to cut taxes.
Sales taxes are just about the only revenue the State of Florida has. Rick Scott has accomplished his goal of eviscerated our State government to one of the worst funded in the nation.
He is a really bad guy for Florida, but what does he care he only just moved here a few years ago.


The citizens of Florida are greatly disappointed in the governor's continued use of short-term gimmicks for political gain. $cott has provided very little tax relief to the average citizen in Florida. Florida continues to have one of the highest state gasoline taxes in the country. Utility taxes continue to be outrageously high. Meanwhile, Citizens insurance premiums continue to increase dramatically, hurting the lower class and middle class homeowners. The average citizen in Florida is struggling and $cott has done virtually nothing to help them.


Look everyone that immature prick pablo is home from school and back in his mom's basement to mock other people's posts again. Only thing else he can add is the karl marx nonsense they taught him in whatever foreign country he is from.

Zeb D

No one in their right mind would reelect this clown.

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