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'Groundhog Day': Miami-Dade commission restores workers' pay, again. Mayor vows to veto, again.


Miami-Dade County commissioners insisted Thursday they wanted to resolve — somehow — a contract dispute with labor unions that has come before them for a vote over and over again.

Instead, they wound up exactly where they started.

Commissioners voted one more time to end an unpopular healthcare contribution requiring most county and Jackson Health System employees to give up 5 percent of their base pay. The vote was 8-5, just as it was last month.

And once again, Mayor Carlos Gimenez vowed to veto it.

“You don’t even have to ask me the question,” he told a Miami Herald reporter as soon as the meeting was over, throwing up his hands in the air.

Nine votes were required for the vote to be veto-proof. No one budged from their Dec. 5 position.

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ed jenkins

The voters greatly disapprove of this commission wasting their money but are very appreciative of this great mayor for looking out for the taxpayers interest.

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