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Hialeah mayor: remove political foes' names from city buildings


Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernández will ask the city council on Tuesday to pass three resolutions to remove the names given to city properties years ago to honor former Mayor Raúl Martínez, his wife, Angela, and Martínez’s political ally and former state Sen. Roberto Casas.

“If the resolutions are approved,” Hernández said, “the names will be removed immediately.”

Hernández said that the measure will allow removing Raúl Martínez’s name from city hall, a four-floor building located at 501 Palm Ave.

Also, the name of Angela Gardens will be removed from a city building of 18 apartments rented to low-income elderly people at 695 West Second St. On Oct. 5, 2005, the three-floor building was officially named after Martínez’s wife, Hernández said.

The third resolution refers to a park of a little more than two acres located on 33rd Avenue West and 79th Street, which was named in 2003 to honor Casas. In 2011, Casas offered his political support to Martínez’s candidacy for mayor against Hernández.

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ed jenkins

The citizens greatly approve of this and want no more buildings named for politicians.


The citizens greatly object to this and want already settled laws to remain on the books.

Marty Greenstein

Absolutely disturbing to read this. Is this how communism works?
There is no doubt that there is a distaste between the two men but to sink to a low level and remove names from buildings is senseless.
Raul might not have been liked by all but looking back at history he is the reason this town is what it is today. Since he left office the proof speaks for itself. Reduced hours at parks, Reduced Police officers and crime on the rise, Reduced library hours, Terminated fireman for not signing contracts, Retirement payments not paid in violation of state law, Police officers terminated left and right, Record number of employees jumping off the ship as it sinks.
There might come a day soon where the Ponzi scandal might catch up to Mr. Hernandez as it did with his predecessor Julio Robaina.
I do like his confidence, but it is time to let bygones be bygones and move on. Will he Remove the name from Bucky dent park? Will he remove the name of the housing complex in honor of Julio Robainas mother?
No, just Raul, his wife and Roberto Casa, now this just screams PUNITIVE as it gets.

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