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House speaker 2020? For Eisnaugle, the race is on

EisnaugleEric Eisnaugle, a 36-year-old Republican from Arcadia isn't a member of the Legislature but he is already campaigning to be speaker of the the Florida House in 2020. Sound like a long time away? It is, but it's the latest dance in the term-limits foxtrot politicians in Florida engage in behind the scenes, with little public attention.

Eisnaugle, who stepped aside after serving two years when his district was conflated with Rep. Steve Precourt's under redistricting in 2012, isn't the only candidate for House Speaker 2020. Also on the list is Rep. Mike Hill, R-Pensacola, who was elected in a special election last year, Rep. Shawn Harrison, a Tampa lawyer and Republican who is trying to regain a seat he lost in 2012 to Rep. Mark Danish, a Democrat, and Chris Sprowls, another Tampa lawyer and Republican.

Fundraising for Eisnaugle is happening now. A flyer announcing a mega-fundraiser on Jan. 28 at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando features Reps. Frank Artiles, Ritch Workman, David Santiago, Mike LaRosa and Jason Brodeur and is being promoted as "an event to support Eric Eisnaugle in his Speaker's race." If elected, Eishaugle, like Hill, will have an extra year of seniority over the other legislators elected in November who will also be termed out of office in 2022. 

Rep. Frank Artiles, R-Miami, is a leading Eisnaugle advocate. "He has the most experience. He has the advantage,'' he said.

Precourt resigned earlier this month to take a $175,000 + job at the Orlando-Orange County expressway and Eisnaugle is the leading candidate in a March 11 special election to replace him. 

If elected, Eisnaugle would technically be a "red shirt" freshman, like Hill. Preceding him in the speaker office, if all goes as planned, would be Reps. Steve Crisfulli, Richard Corcoran and Jose Oliva. Obviously, Hill is seen as competition for Eisnaugle, with his name also being mentioned as future House speaker material. 


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You mean Florida may actually have a Speaker that is, say mature and in their 40's?

Sam Wilson

You mentioned Mike Hill's campaign for Speaker too. I was wondering if you were going to check into how Mike Hill is working behind the scenes to prop up his own primary candidates to take out GOP leadership-endorsed candidates, such as Brad Drake, who isn't supporting Hill in his run for speaker? it's a shame that Hill is willing to take out his own colleagues, in his own back yard, which says something about his efforts to become speaker?


Sam, not at all out of the ordinary for politics... support those who have pledged to vote for you and for those who have pledged support to another, support their opposition.

Look at Latvala, it all plays out, and in the end, everyone comes together for the better (for the most part).


These races are absurd. Its likely the House will look very different in 2020 than today, with many more Democrats.

Sam Wilson

I don't know the Lavala thing you're referring, but it seems to me that party locality and unity is more important than a single politician's ambition. I prefer my elected officials to build consensus. If they choose to scuttle that in their pursuit of power, then that's simply not leadership.

Sandy Oestreich

Rep. Eisenaugle does not support the average Floridian's right to equality, equal treatment for ALL, male and female alike.

He HAS REFUSED TO CO-SPONSOR, VOTE FOR, OR EVEN DISCUSS the urgent need for gender=equal treatment. That's not same-sex marriage etc nor abortion--it's plain equal treatment which males complain about in 3 areas, females in a looong list at our 2passERA.org, click"ERA for Women" (Yes, there's strong "ERA for Men", too, as we fight hard for you guys too, even as you Diss us when you can) Not vestal virgins--we just want a level playing field in the US Constitution alongside you. ERA gives you and us females protection like nowhere else against cruel rapes, workplace dissing, trafficking etc!!!


No actual reason is ever ever given by Republican legislators---so, we can only figure The Hate us Girls and Women--even if some uninformed women vote for them...

Am a Republican myself, but I HAVE read the GOP platform, Have watched the ALEC-DRIVEN anti-woman/anti-family 916 bills filed against us women,girls.

I appeal to Eric Eisenaugle, with whom I have spoken re ERA, CO-SPONSOR HCR 8001, and THEN let's talk.

We are the bipartisan Nat'l Equal Rights Amendment Alliance that fights for passing ERA in Florida to protect and benefit female and male alike--only 2 states then to GO into US Constitution.

Fair, humane and potentially boosting our GDP as in other nations that passed ERA wording, and boosting revenues, lowering costs of courts, Medicaid, food stamps and Public Assistance. All valid by citations, not making it up..am Prof. Emerita

IF you approve of harmonious relationships, fewer divorces, improved quality of life and a sturdy Business community AND GDP,

..Either convince Rep Eisnaugle he one of the neo-medieval cultist Republicans OR boot him Out!

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