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In "Reprehensive Party of Florida" flap, NBC & news service issue apology, staffer fired


When NBC Miami aired a news segment that mistakenly called the state GOP the "Reprehensive Party of Florida" in a graphic, the state party issued a strong statement demanding an apology.

The party got the expression of contrition promptly Friday from NBC -- and from the media company that put the news package together, Tallahassee-based Capitol News Service.

The company's boss, Mike Vasilinda, said he went a step further.

"The person responsible for this has been fired," he said. "We take this very seriously."

He also issued an apology on his website (listed below).

Said NBC in a statement: “We apologize to the Republican Party of Florida and to our viewers for our airing of a wrong graphic in a news story in last night’s  6 p.m.newscast. The story came to us from a news service we use out of Tallahassee that we have relied on for years with no issues. We do, however, know it was our responsibility to catch the graphic and we regret that we did not prevent it from airing.  We are addressing this with our employees to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again. Once again, we sincerely regret this incident.”

From Vasilinda:

Capitol News Service takes full responsibility for an error that resulted in one of our clients, WTVJ incorrectly labeling on screen material.

In a report in which we played a web ad by the Republican Party of Florida, our employees indicated it should have the on screen chyron “ Reprehensive Party of Florida.” We deeply regret this incident. The people who made the error and reviewed it without catching it are no longer in our employ.


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Don't you think it's relevant to mention Vasilinda's wife is Democratic State Rep. Michelle Rehwinkle-Vasilinda?


"mistakenly called" ??? Are you serious ? NBC is in a all out war on the republican party ! They are not only in bed with and a mouth piece of the DNC, they are also a Obama press release firm.


Vasilinda has long been a democratic hack and any Republican who speaks to him on air should be wary.


Too bad he can't fire his own Democrat brain.

Randall McMurphy

It's sad when people are being fired for speaking the truth--but hypocrisy is what Lenny Curry is best at.

Seth Platt

I wonder if the Republican Party of Florida called for the person from the Florida Republican House to be fired for making an incorrect superbowl graphic that very same week comparing Florida to New York? The State the Superbowl was in was NJ.

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