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Joe Garcia: I raised $412k last quarter, $1.8m for campaign

From a press release:

Congressman Joe Garcia raised more than $412,000 in the fourth quarter of last year, bringing the total raised for his reelection campaign to more than $1.8 million and putting Rep. Garcia among the top congressional fundraisers in the country.

“I am humbled by the faith shown in me by the people of South Florida who have given to our campaign,” Garcia said. “I work every day on issues that matter, like flood insurance reform, and it is gratifying to receive such strong support.”

Garcia is a top-five fundraiser among incumbents in competitive House races and receives 82 percent of his financial support from in-state donors, according to OpenSecrets.org. He is 2nd among all congressional Democrats for money raised from in-state donors.


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Ed Jenkins

The citizens greatly despise this soon to be indicted admitted campaign law violator. They would like for him to go away rather than using his office for the announcement of campaign cash he will use to defend himself in the criminal proceedings. The citizens are disgusted that instead of being represented by someone in congress they have a man who is using his position as bargaining chips in criminal proceedings and using it to raise campaign cash for his criminal defense.

Larry Thompson

This is an indication of the strength of the citizens support and appreciation of the hard working representative Joe Garcia from Miami. Unlike Governor Scott, virtually all his campaign donors are Florida residents. Scott's main campaign donors are out of state carpetbaggers looking to buy influence at secret, private parties.

Lili B.

This is great news for the people Congressman Garcia represents in Miami! It proves he has undivided support from the people (most of his money are from hardworking constituents, unlike his controversial republican opponent). Congressman Garcia is a true leader and champion for THE PEOPLE, and not a pay-to-play politician.
PS- Mr. Jenkins your slanderous assumptions are rather comical!


Hey moron posting the same thing under two names are you a member of this crook conressman's staff, because the least you could do is write two different messages rather than two that say the same thing.

Michael S.

Shame on Congressman Garcia for the putrid Farm Bill yesterday which cut a further $8.5 Billion from SNAP. I guess the Congressman's big pocketed donors from Florida Sugar matter more than the hungry folks in his district.

This comes after he also voted to raise student loan debt. What a disappointment, I thought we were electing a Democrat, not a DINO.

SEIU should be ashamed of their constant cheerleading for someone who has taken money out of the pocket of its members. Forget SNAP, what about his vote to delay implementation of the ACA? Shame.

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