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Marco Rubio's weird DMZ-North Korea pics


Florida Sen. Marco Rubio finished up a trip to Asia, where he visited the Philippines, Japan and South Korea.

On his second-to-last day in South Korea, his office posted photos of Rubio near the demilitarized zone separating the democratic nation from North Korea, perhaps the world's creepiest, orwellian, brutal, starvation-plagued nuclear-armed nation run by a potential maniac.

In one picture provided by the office, Rubio stood in a DMZ conference room where he was photographed by a North Korean soldier.


In another photo, Rubio posed with a South Korean guard in front of the door that leads to North Korea.  




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There is nothing "weird" about the photos. You only have to visit the DMZ one time to realize this. While stationed in Korea with my family, towards the end of my tour I took my wife on a tour of the DMZ. It was so shocking she took our children and got on a plane back to the US as soon as she could.

Doris Weatherford

I've been there, too, and the saddest thing was elderly South Koreans pounding on the window and crying, clearly wishing that they could return to their families in the land of their birth. South Korea plays a role in this, too, and its police are scary. One refused to allow us access to the American Embassy when we wanted to report a lost credit card, and he chased me (a woman) down the street when I took a picture of the embassy -- OUR embassy. And this was in 2000, when hopes for reunification were highest.

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