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Medical Marijuana headed to FL ballot after Supreme's 4-3 decision


Florida voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana for medical use, after the state Supreme Court ruled Monday that a proposed constitutional amendment won’t mislead people when they go to the polls in the Nov. 4 elections.

“Voters are given fair notice as to the chief purpose and scope of the proposed amendment, which is to allow a restricted use of marijuana for certain ‘debilitating’ medical conditions,” the court said in a 4-3 ruling that split liberals and conservatives. “We therefore reject the opponents’ assertion that the amendment ‘would allow far wider marijuana use than the ballot title and summary reveal.’ ”

By knocking down a core objection to the amendment, the justices dealt a serious blow to the talking points of opponents who called the measure a type of backdoor legalization that allows for “unfettered” marijuana use for minor ailments.

Leading the opposition: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, state House Speaker Will Weatherford, state Senate President Don Gaetz and many conservative-leaning lobby groups based in Tallahassee. Gov. Rick Scott also opposes the proposed amendment.

Democratic governor candidates Charlie Crist and Nan Rich support the amendment, as does Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie.

The amendment draws strong bipartisan support from voters, according to polls, so the effect it will have on the gubernatorial race is debatable.

Numerous polls show Florida’s measure would pass if the vote were held today, with one survey showing support as high as 82 percent. The most recent Public Policy Polling survey gauged voter support at 65 percent.

If the amendment passes — for which it needs 60 percent of the vote — Florida would become the 21st state plus the District of Columbia to decriminalize marijuana for medical use. Marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.

Full story here

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/01/27/3896249/medical-marijuana-headed-to-florida.html#storylink=cpy

Ruling is here  Download Marijuana Ruling



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This is good news for people who are suffering and kid, especially kids. Florida sunshine, you go!


Tally Folly

Great news!
Let the people of Florida decide what the backward legislature cannot.


Look you druggies this is not good news for you because there is no way this state with its upstanding citizens want more of you stoners wandering around and there is and what ever nonsense polls you point out are not reliable because there is no way there are that many stoners in this state and even if there were their lazy asses would never get to the polls.

Ed Jenkins

After some time away to visit with the people of Florida I have returned to convey their feelings As we have seen the people of Florida greatly resent this offensive measure being placed on their ballot by a politically motivated court which does not have interests to protect its citizens. The people do not want this drug dealer and drug abuser sponsored measure which is harmful to the family friendly society and to children who the drug dealers want to add to their customers and who can be badly influenced by the immoral lifestyles that the drug abusers lead.


D & Ed,

I'd love to see what poll you're citing that contradicts the 4-1 pro-medical cannabis majority found by Quinnipiac.


Its time to kick you conservative motherfuckers out of our state, its 2014 not 1934 get with the program people our Economy is screaming for it


Stoners will always be stoners dumb asses! Maybe you have not had the disharding of seeing someone you love not being able to eat or sleep because of constant pain. Get over your Bible Belt ways, it's not going to keep dealers from selling to the ones who are already getting it illegaly. It is trying to be passed so the ones that are truly sick and in need can have a better quality of life and live longer!

Bill Thompson

The court ruled on the language and now it's up to the voters to decide in November. If 60% approve, it will pass.


When you druggies come down from your high and your hallucinations are over you will realize that outnumbering the upstanding citizens in some message list does not mean outnumbering the public who want nothing to do with your stoner asses and don't want you lowlifes wandering their streets. And good luck by the way getting your fellow stoners off the couch to vote for this ridiculous thing.


Thank god. This will easily pass. Medical marijuana enjoys over 80% support nation wide, and with good reason. Every idiot blabbering on about "potheads" will change their tune as soon as they bleed this miracle plant or they seem what it can do for a family member. Happens every time. And spare the the "liberal" nonsense. Im a life long republican as are many who support medical marijuana. It's not a question of left vs right, its a question of education vs stupidity. Reality vs reefer madness.


How can a plant that grows naturally be illegal? We get it, kids shouldn't smoke: shouldn't drive or handle heavy equipment and smoke. But smoking a bowl and a glass of wine sitting in your backyard shouldn't be illegal.


we don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee

Kaitlyn G.

I never have witnessed anyone who had smoked pot misbehave like people who drink alcohol. Cigarettes are cancer causing and turn people into chain smoking fiends. Why the heck should it be illegal to smoke marijuana and sit back and relax. It is a personal choice and I am thrilled that medical marijuana is join on the ballot. STOP sending these people to jail. We can do much better for society when we wake up.

Grandparents for a Sensible Drug Policy


My parents didn't fight in WW2 for you maggots to smoke marijuana, collect food stamps, get in domesticated violence cuz your to stoned. All you hippy freaks with no education and refusing to work so you can surf and smoke all day can go to hell. It is proven that wine is good for you and if you don't drink beer you aint an American.

ed jenkins

As we have seen the people of Florida do not want this drug dealing and drug abuse to take place in their family friendly state where innocent children will be targeted by the drug dealers behind this absurd initiative. Of course some drug abusers are under the influence of drugs and believe Floridians will support such a society damaging measure but when they return from their hallucinations they will be disappointed to find out Floridians have not interest in seeing their society damaged by addictive dangerous illegal drugs.


Children should not smoke marijuana or drink alcohol.

But why should a responsible mature adult who smokes in the privacy of their home be subject to arrest?

It's time to decriminalize marijuana and treat it like alcohol and tobacco.


Look you pothead m, don't come here looking for approval for the worthless life you lead. Scum like you might be trying to take this state down to your lack of morals but it won't happen lowlife so either get off the couch, out of your hallucinations and become a productive member of society or we don't want to hear from you scum.


anyone else think my anti-comments are actually pro comments? if you read the anti comments... they almost seem like they are making fun of people who have them rather then believe them... I mean look at the guy who says his parents fought in world war II, then uses the word "cuz" and not "too"... looks like a few 14 year olds making fun of the anti crowed.


Glad to hear the amendment will make the ballot. No doubt it will pass but I am afraid the legislature will find some way to gut its intent in statute.


Has Pam Bondi won ANY of her cases since becoming AG??? I don't think so... I think she has LOST every single one of them. What a great attorney she must be.

Bill Thompson

Pam Bondi consistently loses all these court appeals and lawsuits. She should stop wasting the taxpayers money on these fruitless pursuits. Either that olr go back to law school and re-take a constitutional law class.


Firstly, there are many reasons a person may need to smoke/eat cannabis as it is proven to help with certain ailments and the vote is for medical use not recreational so get off your high horses people. Most of the country has already followed in this. An how dare you all say that anyone who smokes or eats edibles is an uneducated fool. There are a lot of us that do work full time jobs and successfully take care of our families. Not everyone is a lazy hippy that takes advantage of the system. There are many that can benefit from this legislation. Parent your children so they know what they should not use but an adult should have the same allowances as we do for tobacco and alcohol. Also if they do legalize it and tax it like tobacco and alcohol, hello more tax revenue, less debt for the economy. Wake up people!! There are definite good things about this and if the short-sighted can open their eyes long enough they might see this. I will vote for it in November.


Looks like someone needs a joint! Calm down killer, anger does more harm than marijuana! :) I don't smoke it, not because I can't or because it's illegal. It's just not for me,but I support it 100% for those who can benefit from it or enjoy it. Unfortunately we have to entertain the closed mindedness and idiotic rants. They will say all this and then take a pill prescribed to "help" them deal with pain or depression or their inability to sleep, with a thirty long list of possible side effects causing death or other serious injuries. Submitting others to have to use them by keeping a plant from them. And your worried about our children? Enjoy your liver killing alcoholic beverage, someone is suffering due to your stupidity. Have a good day!

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