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On gay marriage, Democrat Nan Rich to Pam Bondi, Rick Scott: "let this law die."

From a press release:

Weston, FL—Calling it “a critical human rights issue for Florida,” Democratic candidate for Governor Nan Rich today called on Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi to stop defending Florida’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

“I opposed this discriminatory amendment when it was proposed because I believe all Florida families deserve to be treated fairly,” Rich said. “The federal courts are making it clear that marriage equality is a fundamental right, and we shouldn’t waste the time and resources of the state defending this unconstitutional law.”

Six South Florida families filed suit this week challenging the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Then-Republican Governor Charlie Crist endorsed the ban and personally signed the petition to put it on the ballot. 

“Florida’s same-sex marriage ban will ultimately lose in court, and it should,” Rich said. “Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi should embrace equality for all Florida families and let this law die.”


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Nan Rich for governor!

ed jenkins

The citizens greatly despise politicians that don't follow laws that the people recently put in place by large majorities and while this democrat primary voter was going to vote for this nancy lady over the scumbag crist these types of offensive statements are enough to make this voter stay at home for this primary. If the democrat party would like its primary voters to turn out for elections it would be wise to removed such offensive candidates as this and replaced them with the type of candidate that can get elected in our family friendly state.


People need to get honest with their sexuality. I wouldn't march in a gay parade but a closet is no place to stay. A favorite saying of a lady I dated 50 years ago was, 'Different strokes for different folks.' Now if we denied the rights of shoe fetishists, S&Mers and cross dressers we wouldn't have anybody left in the legislature.


Senator Rich is right on this issue as well as publicly stating she will defend women's reproductive rights as she did yesterday. It's time we have someone who has worked tirelessly for all the women and men while being in the Florida Legislature. She is true to her word and a true Democrat.

alan carlson

It's time to say goodbye to Pam Bondi...she is a multi- failure at her heterosexual relationships and needs to back off on her anti public stands on gay marriage and legalized medical marijuana

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