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Pinellas' GOP property appraiser: 'it's our party that's keeping reform' of flood insurance from vote


Among the interesting aspects of the CD-13 special election to replace Bill Young, there's this nugget in a USA today report about voters' concerns with the GOP over flood insurance:

"We need to be honest about our party, because in truth it's our party that's keeping reform of this (flood insurance program) from being fixed," Pam Dubov, the Pinellas County property appraiser, advised a recent supper club meeting of Pinellas County Republicans.

Specifically: U.S. House Speaker John Boehner and Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, are standing in the way. This despite repeated statements from the Republican Party of Florida and Gov. Rick Scott, who suggest it's....wait for it....President Obama's fault.

Not every Washington Republican is opposed. Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio joined Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson in a test vote to keep rates from skyrocketing.





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Ed Jenkins

The taxpayers have no interest in their money being confiscated to subsidize those that live in risky areas. If people choose to live in these areas they should pay insurance rates set by the market which would cause them to also pay the correct price for their house factoring in whether the total cost of owning the home including the insurance fit within their budget.

Can't take anymore

Call 911! I must be having a stroke or have suffered some other head injury. Proof is that I finally agree with Grumpy Ed Jenkins on one of his thousands of blog comments. I live 12 miles from the coast but in a coastal county so pay the same home owners insurance rate that someone on the beach does. Where is the free market Republican gang when they are really needed?

Bruce Stello

Many of "those that live in resky areas" did not choose to live in risky areas. the rezoning of flood maps put many homeowners, who did not purchase homes in risky areas, into new high-risk zones thereby generating more income for a financially strapped FEMA.
by the way the insurance requirement is enforeced through mortgages. thereby targeting the middle-class mortgage holder. Those who own thier homes, mortgage free, are not required to purchase flood insurance.
In efffect, Biggert-Waters is yet another attack against the middle class.


Shut up you whiny child bruce, no one wants to hear your sob story about how the government made you live there. You know the risk either get out or stop complaining you immature prick.

Coastal Resident

Those who live in coastal areas would like all of the taxes that are paid in that area to only be spent on coastal areas and not share it with all the curmudgeons in the rest of the state that live far from coastlines and do not pay their share of the State tax burden.
The coasts fund EVERYTHING dipshits.

Bill Thompson

This onerous law passed by congress is a real estate economy and job killer for all the states in our country that have coastlines; from Texas to New England. This law has already had an effect on the rebound of the real estate industry that is a vital part of Florida's economy. That is why there is bi-partisan support for the new legislation to fix the onerous law that was passed last year.

Ed Jenkins

As we have seen citizens are not interested in subsidizing those who have foolishly overpaid for houses in risky areas on the basis of future subsidies using taxpayer confiscated money. The citizens believe that properly priced insurance leads to properly priced houses. The citizens do not care for complaints about property taxes where the taxpayer has total control over the amount paid based on how much he pays for his house. If he wants lower taxes, the citizens suggest he pay a lower price for the house.

Bill Thompson

The actions of government should not be disruptive of the free markets and the transactions of commerce. The Biggert-Waters act passed in 2012 is exactly that. The reason that the USA is the economic power that it is and the leader of the free world is because of our open economy and the rule of law. This law abruptly changed the rule of law regarding flood insurance and is drastically disrupting the real estate market place and the flow of commerce. It is damaging to the real estate industry and to many average citizens who overnight are seeing their premiums go up drastically and dropping the values of their largest asset, their homes. This is being done by government changing the rule of law drastically overnight. The government also arbitrarily changes the flood maps, putting houses into a flood zone that were not in a flood zone when they were purchased. If adjustments are required, there should be a long phase in period to allow the market place to adjust. This is not how a party that allegedly believes in free markets and small government should conduct itself. This is how a russian politburo acts. The GOP needs to fix this or face the consequences in November.

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