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PolitiFact checks Sen. Marco Rubio's poverty stat


Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty. Since then, says Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., taxpayers have spent $20 trillion on welfare and other government programs intended to lift them out of poverty -- yet tens of millions of Americans are still impoverished.

"In my home state, nearly one in five Floridians live in poverty," Rubio said in a Jan. 5 video message. "After 50 years, isn’t it time to declare big government’s war on poverty a failure?"

Rubio called for a new agenda to help people lift themselves out of poverty and create a new "opportunity society" to enable people to live the American dream. Rubio is expected to release additional details Wednesday during a speech at the U.S. Capitol hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank.

Rubio released his video as the Senate returns to take up the issue of renewing emergency unemployment benefits that lapsed in December. Also, Democrats have announced that they will target income equality as a top issue this election year, including a push to raise the federal minimum wage.

Here we will fact-check Rubio’s claim that nearly one in five Floridians live in poverty. Read more from PolitiFact Florida.


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ed jenkins

the citizens continue to be pleased with their most popular politician Rubio for his expression of their views about our government handing our money confiscated from hardworking individuals to hand out to people wishing to mooch off their neighbors. As has been pointed out, charities exist for those truly in need in our generous state but those in need do not include people who budgeted poorly, spent large amounts of money on extravagant meals, luxury cars or houses or even worse illegal drugs.


Marco Rubio's family came her to benefit from American freedoms. Marco watched his parent struggle and others while growing up but he is now the puppet for pay and really doesn't care. He promised the immigrants a Bill but after getting it he dropped it to campaign with Romney on Self Deportation. He voted against unemployment extend as he will now just say anything.

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