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Q-Poll: Charlie Crist up by 8 over Rick Scott; 54% say gov shouldn't be reelected


So much for Scott-mentum.

Gov. Rick Scott appears to no longer be narrowing the gap with Democratic rival Charlie Crist who leads the Republican 46-38 percent, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll that shows the challenger's 8-point margin is essentially unchanged since the firm's last survey in late November.

Two months ago, Crist led Scott by 7 points. Before then, Crist led Scott by 10 in June and by 16 in March.

Still, expect the numbers to change and the race to tighten. If past elections are any gauge, this race will likely be decided by a point or two.

 Perhaps most-troubling for Scott: Only 38 percent of respondents said he should be re-elected; a clear majority of 54 percent said the Republican shouldn't get another term.

And Scott only leads Democrat Nan Rich 41-37 percent, even though 86 percent said they don't know enough about her. Also expect Libertarian backers of candidate Adrian Wyllie to complain his name wasn't included in the survey (although it did give people a "someone else" option if they didn't want to pick Scott or Crist).

Expect the aerial bombardment of Crist to begin soon from the Scott juggernaut, which has the money and the know-how to move poll numbers, especially by way of negative ads.

Meantime, this Quinnipiac poll shows Scott earns his worst job-approval rating in a year, 41-49 percent. 

Almost as troubling for the Republican: Crist narrowly edges Scott on the question of who would handle the economy best; 47 percent say Crist and 42 percent say Scott. Remember that Scott and the state Republican Party have long been raising awareness of the fact that Crist took office with a 3.5 percent unemployment rate and left with an 11.1 percent rate in December 2010. Scott then took over and now the unemployment rate has fallen back to 6.2 percent.

Many voters, like economists, are likely to cut Crist some slack for what happened on his watch, considering the national and global financial meltdown. There's only so much a governor might be blamed, or credited, for the state's economy. But time, and campaigning, will tell.

What hasn't changed: Scott still isn't well liked. Only 38 percent view him favorably, 45 percent view him favorably. That's a negative index of -7. Crist's index is a positive +9 (44-35 percent). 

Other polls show different results. PPP had Crist up just 43-41, with Scott narrowing the gap by 10 points since September. But another poll from a Democratic-leaning firm, Hamilton Campaigns, showed Crist up 49-44 over Scott, an increase of about 5 for Crist. An internal Rick Scott poll late last year of likely voters showed Crist up 49-45 over Scott (Note: PPP uses robo-polling technology, Quinnipiac, Hamilton and Fabrizio, McLaughlin don't.)

Here's the Q poll and crosstabs:  Download JanQPoll


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Looks like the voters see the fraud that is Rick Scott. He could spend $1 Trillion to smear Crist but it won't work. The State is a total mess (see Connect System) and there are nowhere near the 700,000 good paying jobs he promised.

Mr. Scott next time you want to spend a lot of your money to impact peoples lives don't run for office. Buy yourself an NFL team.

tony smith

All Scott has to do is keep talking. Crist will expand his lead even more.

Ed Jenkins

As the readers have commented, they do not consider opinion surveys to be newsworthy and expect more from their reporters than simply reprinting opinion surveys as news articles. Even worse, this survey taker could not even get their figures to add to 100%. The readers request news stories in a newspaper in the future or this hometown paper will continue to lose subscriptions from its failure to listen to readers.

As we have seen the citizens of florida despise the scumbag crist for the condition he left the state in and while this democrat primary voter had considered the nancy lady her highly offensive comments to family friendly Floridians make the choice appear to be scott who was initially doubted as a political novice but has won over the citizens with his exemplary fiscal stewardship.


Instant analysis: Key takeaways from today’s Q-poll showing Crist up 8 over Scott.


The Professor

This race can called Beauty and the Beast.


Hey dumbasses, no one beleives this bs poll after the democrats own overly optimistic poll barely has crist ahead. Just toss this in the trash and while we are at it we should toss this piece of crap crist there too.


@ Ed Jenkins, dude you are not a true democrat, stop acting like you are. You don’t think a true democrat can tell when they are being snowed by a repuke. Last week you post along the same line as this time. Did you not say Crist was scum then as well and say you liked Rich until she supported gay marriage. All your post shows that all things democrat are rejected by you and all things republican are acceptable by you. That would make you superbly disingenuous as a true democrat. I suggest you run straight out and join the party of obstructionist better known for their half-truths. Please stop with the, this democrat primary voter bit, it makes you look stupid. Spare us all the drama of trying to convince others that democrats don’t like Crist. Crist was a great governor and worked with what he had in the economy at the time, that coming from a true democrat. Scott lied about Sink and many bought it. But that game is over now with republicans having been found out. Virginia? Next stop Florida.

Bill McCollum


Scott is the embodiment of the negative campaigner. He did it to me and I'm no dumbass.

Ed Jenkins

You sound like some yankee or California fruitcake since you have no understanding of the people of florida. There was a time 20 years ago when the democrat party could win governor races in this state and controlled the state legislature as well as having most statewide offices. This is when the party nominated honorable candidates such as Bob Graham and Lawton Chiles who were highly popular and would win in landslides even today. However even though this democrat primary voter has retained that status, he has seen the party nominate more and more offensive candidates with this year being the worst as we have a most hated former governor who lost his last two elections in the republican primary and general election by embarrassingly large margins and the people of florida found to be an embarrassment to the state and wanted to never hear from again. The other option seemed tolerable to this voter but then opened her mouth with some highly offensive comments toward family friendly Floridians who recently voted against the immoral practices she spoke of with more than a 60% margin. This democrat primary voter doesn't want to go through the effort to change his registration similar to many other democrat primary voters but that is no obligation to vote for highly offensive candidates the party pushes on the democrat primary voters.


Hey dumbasses if you want to listen to these Quinnipiac morons then you might want to check how well they did last time which according to them was going to give us a governor sink in their last poll.


Even $cott's own pollster shows him trailing Crist and the polling shows that $cott's negatives are much higher than positive polling. That's why $cott is spending millions for all those negative ads this early in the year, when the Florida primary vote is still 7 months away. That's also why he's coming up with all these budget gimmicks and schemes in this election year. Florida voters know what he is. $cott's very, very scared and so are his out of state carpetbagger financial backers.


Hey pablo, no one wants to hear your communist nonsense. Get back on your raft and go live with fidel or hugo if you like it so much.

Bill McCollum


Even I know that while Crist lost as an Independent in 2012 he was not embarrased coming in second ahead of the Democrat nominee. In his prior election in 2006 he won the Governor's race by a wide margin. So he has not lost two races in a row.

I am a former congressman I know the truth.


Don't believe everything you read!


I still remember how he took money from education and then hit the Florida Retirement System pension for 3% , all state employees :( I still remember and I will still remember in November!!!!!
Let's just say FRS " Remember in November "

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