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Renaming ‘Common Core’ standards does little to end education debate

The state education department tried to distance itself from the controversial Common Core State Standards last week by recommending changes to the benchmarks and giving them a new name.

“The proposed standards are truly our own,” Deputy Chancellor Mary Jane Tappen said during a Tuesday workshop on the freshly named “Florida Standards.”

But is Florida really moving away from the national benchmarks, which have drawn Tea Party ire in recent months? Or are the suggested revisions a matter of semantics?

“At their heart, the standards in Florida are still Common Core standards,” said Anne Hyslop, a policy analyst with New America Foundation’s Education Policy Program, noting that many of the proposed changes are minor.

Hyslop added: “The rebranding and messaging is largely political.”

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harry Houdini

Students are not COMMON...Students in Minot North Dakota are entirely different in their ethnic, cultural and religious makeup than students in Miami or Orlando or even Key West. Florida is one of the most diverse ( if not the most diverse) state in the country. How can there be any common educational standards for this country's school districts. It makes NO SENSE..BESIDES, the role of education is left with each state as far as our CONSTITUTION IS CONCERNED. Remember that document?

Give me a BREAK!

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