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Rick Scott World rumblings: big shifts in gov's office, campaign and RPOF imminent


There's a higher amount of traffic than usual about some big shifts in Gov. Rick Scott's office, his campaign and the Republican Party of Florida. The announcement could happen as early as Friday. Still, consider this all informed speculation based on multiple sources:

Melissa Sellers, the governor's spokeswoman, could soon be tapped to lead the campaign as manager, Republicans say. Sellers wasn't ready to confirm or deny the chatter. 

As the news started to break, Saintpetersblog's Peter Schorsch was the first to tweet that he heard about Sellers' possible move. So hat tip (assuming it's true, which it sounded as if it is). Schorsch noted the curiosity that Scott's chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, might not get the post (which many expected him to snag). With the appointment of Miami-Dade Property Appraiser Carlos Lopez-Cantera to lieutenant governor, where Scott wants to use the former legislator to press his agenda in the Legislature, it looks as if Hollingsworth has lost a measure of power (probably inevitable, regardless of who was chosen for the post).

It's unclear if Sellers, former spokeswoman for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, has ever run a campaign -- especially a $100 million behemoth that Scott's could become. Either way, given her representation of Scott, there's a good chance she's up to the task. And she could have help.

Tim Saler, RPOF's deputy director for political strategy, might be chosen to be the campaign's deputy director or its political director, sources said. He didn't want to comment.

Matt Moon, RPOF's communications director, could become communications director for the campaign. This press person, too, wouldn't comment along with RPOF spokeswoman Susan Hepworth, who could take over his role at the party. It's always telling when press communications people don't communicate with the press. 

But don't think RPOF is going to be bare. It's going to be a bear (or a bull for you stock-market types).

The party is hiring a: Media Affairs Manager, Communications Assistant, War Room operative, Director of Press Advance (experience needed), Press Advance Field member, Hispanic Comms expert, Research and Rapid Response employee, Bracketing Manager, Digital Content/Community Manager, Digital Rapid Response Manager, Email Manager, Viral Marketing Manager, Website Content Manager, Copy Writer, Digital Insights Analyst, Graphic Designer, Paid Media Coordinator, and Digital-Political Coordinator.

"It's going to be bigger than Mitt Romney's campaign in Florida," a Republican said. "No one will ever have seen a campaign like this in Florida. The Democrats and Charlie Crist won't know what hit them."


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And we all know the results of "Mitt Romney's campaign in Florida."

Richard Shiner

Sounds like Team Scott was out sick that day they gave the "hubris" lecture in high school.


Marc maybe now you will research this woman that the LA press deemed "Public enemy number one."


100 million for the gov and our kids still have common core


"...given her representation of Scott, there's a good chance she's up to the task."

What??? Seriously???

Tally Folly

We will know what is going to hit us in Florida. Million$ of special interest dollar$ trying to buy an election to impose more draconian laws that are not in the best interests of Floridians.
Good Luck trying to sell a maniacal super villain to Florida one more time.

Jim Greer

Obama '08's Florida operation dwarfed what Romney did, and what Scott might do. The best campaign talent is with the Dems these days, you can thank the past two decades of GOP incompetence for this generation's commitment to the D's.

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